I paid $4.92 for a small bottle of water.

I’m very good at being prepared. When I buy airline tickets I buy them way in advance and always plan my seat out. If there is no way to pick my seat online when buying a ticket I will call the airline and reserve a seat by voice. When I bought my ticket to Hamburg for this tour I logged onto KLM.com (The Royal Dutch Airline) and before hitting “confirm purchase” I chose my seat. I picked a nice bulkhead window seat toward the front of the airplane. When I printed my e-ticket reservation number it printed my seat number which was the same one I chose online. When I got to the airport I used the automated kiosks to print my boarding pass. I didn’t bother checking my seat number again because I figured I was all set. You know where my story is heading right? I get on the airplane and look at my e-ticket and surprise, I’m sitting in the last row of the entire plane in the middle seat. After sandwiching myself between to large people with giant arms already planted on my arm rests I realized this last row seat doesn’t even lean back. I don’t mind sitting upright until the person in front of me leans his seat into the furthest back position possible. Of course that’s exactly what happened just a few minutes after takeoff. I was about six inches from some guys greasy curly hair for seven hours. I knew KLM screwed me over because before the plane took off a stewardess came over and ask if I was Oliver Chesler. I said, “Yep. Why are you asking?” She said she just wanted to confirm I was on board. Huh?!

I had a short layover in The Netherlands at Schiphol airport. I was pretty thirsty to the point I was getting a headache so I bought a bottle of water. I’m my long travel delirium I didn’t flinch when the check out woman told me the water was 3.50€. To be clear that is $4.92 USD for a small bottle of water. No wonder why airlines don’t let you bring liquids over 100ml through security. What a bunch of scamming bastards. Truthfully I’m used to tour chaos and these are pretty minor pains compared to the long delays and canceled flights that could happen.

Everything got a lot more comfortable once I arrived in Hamburg. I took a free shuttle to the Marriot which like all Marriots was nice with a swimming pool, free WiFi and 24 hour room service. I had my Christmas meal alone in my room and watched some CNN. Before show time I was able to video chat with my wife and see photos of my families Lobster dinner. Are you feeling sorry for me yet?

The event was full and my show went off without a hitch. German clubs are the easiest for me to perform at. The sound systems are usually amazing and the kids are really out to party. If you scream at Germans they scream back at you.

The next morning I took a bus to Berlin and the past few days have been nice catching up with friends. I never lived in Kruezberg and my friends apartment I am babysitting is right on Paul-Lincke-Ufe next to the canal. As you can see by the photo it’s really nice. The only thing driving me a bit nuts is that fireworks are legal in Berlin and on New Year’s they all go crazy. Unfortunately for my sleep some kids around here are celebrating early.

I’m going to start making a new tune today. Traveling alone is pretty strange so I suspect I will be inspired. Wednesday I fly to Belgium for the New Year’s eve show.

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10 thoughts on “I paid $4.92 for a small bottle of water.”

  1. Hey Oliver, Merry Christmas.
    In the last three years, it’s become kind of a game my girlfriend and I play where we go through the motions and pick our seats online while buying the tickets, and then we guess how far away our actual seats will be from the ones we pick. Bonus points if we don’t even get to sit next to each other. So far, in probably a dozen round trips (which would be something like 48 individual flights) we’ve not got the seats we picked out one single time. And more often than not, we are no where near each other. This is usually straightened out at the gate when we show the gate agent our e-tix, and/or we nicely ask people on the plane to allow us to trade seats. It’s even better when I fly with my 8 and 10 year old kids.
    But yeah, between that, the shoeless humiliation of TSA, and the $4.92 water bottles, flying is a real pain in the ass.
    Not to mention when one buys a “United” ticket but the flight is entirely on USAir. When something goes wrong, USAir blames United, and United blames USAir. It’s a blast!
    Happy New Year. Travel well.

  2. hey oliver, yeah in miami at the winter music conference i think i paid $7.00 for a bottle of evian that size. but then someone told me that in Ibiza i’d be paying closer to $10 for that :-P

  3. Mr.Tunes,you’re meaning 10 €.
    This is what a bottle like Evian but also S.Pellegrino cost in Ibiza.

    Oliver have a great Last Year Eve and travel well!

  4. In Italy, only when there is a concert or a public party, a bottle of water can cost 5 €, and a bottle of beer 8 €. You can’t bring the bottle with you, so they give you the beer in two big plastic glasses.
    Oliver, let me know when you come in Italy…I’ll sell you 6 bottles (1000 ml each one) for only 3 €. :D

  5. the more i read of your stuff the more i wanna do live acts on ableton and travel round

    but one just cant quit day job and do that for the ease of the soul

    whatever that means

    happy holidays!

  6. Happy New Year’s eve Oliver.
    My last flights where with Ryanair and they now are playing this crazy tune before takeoffs and after landings in their planes. It drove me and my gf completely nuts. I saw an ad in the plane and I think they are even releasing it on CD. $&£@!
    Hope your party goes well. Riga is very quiet this year, and I still can’t think of anything good to do tomorrow.

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