Waveform jewelry from Sakurako Shimizu.

I don’t wear any bling other than my wedding ring but Japanese artist Sakurako Shimizu is tempting me with his waveform jewelry.

“Waveform Series is the laser-cut shapes of the waveform of the sound in sound editing software environment. I used some human sound such as yawn, atchoum, giggle, wow, and the sound of church bell. Materials: Silver Laser cut/ hand fabricated.” – http://sakurakoshimizu.blogspot.com/

These would be good gifts for mastering engineers who brick-wall everything. Long live dynamic range!

Download Mr. Shimizu’s resume: click here

via Unidentified Sound Object

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7 thoughts on “Waveform jewelry from Sakurako Shimizu.”

  1. I know it’s a cliché but if he makes an ‘Amen’ one I’d buy it right away – they are really cool looking jewelleries though seriously

  2. lookin at em though I wonder how sharp the inside of those waveforms are – hopefully there’s some sort of bevelling going on as you wouldn’t want to slit your wrists due to the transients on your bracelet…

  3. I have seen many innovations as far as jewelry designing is concerned and my heart said to me that this is the end of creation , no one can do better than it but Sakurako Shimizu has done a thing that i believe now, before determination there is no limit of creativity. Science students or scientist couldn’t resist themselves by wearing such jewelry.

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