Will your cordless mic stop working in February?

In the United States the FCC will kill analog TV next February (2009). Apparently anything that uses the old analog signals may stop working or run into interference. There are some cordless mics that will be affected. I own two systems (110/220V versions) both from Shure. I like Shure the best because I find they are the least susceptible to feedback. In fact, I returned another brand because it caused such a non-stop screech I thought the audience was going to kill me.

“This ruling does not address the issue of wireless microphone operations in the 700 MHz band.  The FCC had proposed earlier that wireless microphone operations in the 700 MHz band should cease in February 2009, but a final transition date has not been announced.” – Shure.com

I have a PGX system which by quickly reading the Shure website I believe will keep on working without a fuss. Am I wrong?

Mix Magazine’s Ten Wireless Tips for the transition: http://mixonline.com/mixline_live/ten_wireless_tips/

The complete FCC document is available for download: click here

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4 thoughts on “Will your cordless mic stop working in February?”

  1. Oliver,

    I worked at Shure for over 5 years, and am still friends with all of their RF engineers. If you’d like to speak with them directly, I’d be happy to link you guys up. In fact, I remember building/modifying/testing the entire SLX/PGX series before they hit the streets.

    Jason // Chicago

  2. Surely as the mic is its own transmitter and the base station its own receiver, no outside factors come into play? The only thing I could see maybe happening is something new coming into the mix, like if a new kind of TV was broadcast on the same frequency, causing interference?

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