Anthony Ghosh, aka DJ Talent sells his teeth.

I’m not sure if the BBC has been duped but they ran a story today about Anthony Ghosh, aka DJ Talent who is selling his gold teeth because “Records aren’t really shifting these days…”. I never heard of Anthony and I never knew gold teeth could be worth $60,000. Click to view the story, photo and please come back and tell me if any of this is real: Downturn forces DJ to sell teeth

photo credit: uberculture

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3 thoughts on “Anthony Ghosh, aka DJ Talent sells his teeth.”

  1. LOL , This realy made me laughe:

    ” It’s a big decision getting rid of my teeth and could actually cost me my career as I don’t know if I’ll be noticed with white teeth ”
    DJ Talent

    It’s funny that he needs his teeth to be popular.
    maby I need to buy them so I can play house and be popular with young teenage kids.

  2. heh…. what a tool.

    Never heard of him – clearly “Talent” is a pretty stupid moniker if you have to rely on your teeth to get noticed…

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