Every song you write is about yourself.

I have a friend who is a psychiatrist. She’s an middle aged woman born in Eastern Europe and she treats some of the hardest cases out there such as prostitutes and heroin addicts. We call her “The Oracle” because her method is to only tell the patient what he/she needs to know at any certain given moment. She’s quite smart and funny and I always enjoy getting a chance to speak with her.

A few years ago when my music was mostly of the hard, angry, screaming type I gave her a CD. A few weeks later she was visiting my family and she pulled me aside and told me something extremely profound. She said, “You know Oliver every song you write, you write about yourself.”. Over the following weeks I studied my own songs and realized she was right on. When I was singing about hate and destruction I was really just expressing how much I hated myself, how angry I was at myself. Ever since my eyes were opened I look at kids making angry music as some of the most wounded members of society.

For well adjusted adults this is pretty clear stuff but for someone like myself to come to a wakening point it’s thrilling. My own music has improved dramatically now that I can write from a different perspective. I can tell my own story without hiding behind a veil of an anonymous third person. An effect of my new perspective is new music is far more serious.

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Oliver Chesler

"Hello my name is Oliver and I'm going to tell you a story." I have been recording music since 1989 under the name The Horrorist. I have released over 60 singles and 4 full length albums. To hear my music please go to: thehorrorist.com

9 thoughts on “Every song you write is about yourself.”

  1. How long ago was “a few years ago”? The 1990s was the decade of hard, angry music, after all.

    There where plenty of people in the 1990s who probably where not that angry or depressed, but made angry music because that was ‘cool’ at that time. So I am not so sure the kids making angry music are some of the most wounded members of society. Especially when you consider the amount of angry music that comes from upper-middle class suburbanites from boring happy homes… to me that sounds more like ennui than wounded desperation.

    In terms of popularity of musical styles, I think dark angry music was popular in the 1990s because the 1990s where generally times of prosperity and optimism… kids where rebelling against that. Now in the late 2000s, we have “Justice” style happy pop-electro-disco, cause no-one wants dark angry music to remind them of the uncertain future.

    So I am not sure if your journey is really applicable to others. :)

  2. & your journey is your journey, it doesn’t need to be applicable to others & i think’s it’s a really awesome thing for you to have shared.

  3. Yes I should mention that everyone is different including how he/she sees life… I don’t mean to stereotype anyone and there is great art in all types of music from 220bpm punk all the way to classical.

  4. I find this the most powerful trait of music. When i write i’m often pulling thing from inside me i didn’t know were there or couldn’t articulate any other way. Some songs I’ve written in a trance, when i come back to listen to them they are profoundly moving as they have encapsulated exactly my emotion at that point in time. Music is the best therapy out there :D

    Oh and that pic is super cute :D

  5. yeah your music is all about u – even if its totally abstract idm bleepings – its still you..

    even ya style of production changes..some days ya can be more happy with makin a nice looping style track..other days yah have to program everything in along the time line with little edits all over the place..

    the great thing about ya own music – is it is like an audio version of a photograph – a snap shot of memory of what was going on at that moment ya created it in your life.. which is great… but i have on more than one occasion bored ppl to death with what i thought was important for them to know commentary…

    normally this occurs at about 3am after i’ve been out all night and am err fully loaded so to speak lol

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