Five inexpensive Chistmas gifts for musicians.

Today a good friend of mine asked me if it was ok if we just traded mix CD’s this year for Christmas. I guess hard times are here so this years official Wire to the Ear Christmas gift guide is strictly limited to great but budget priced stocking stuffers.

Schematic of Moog Synthesizer T-Shirt. $14. Available at Etsy. link

Puremagnetik Micropak Sample Pack. $5.75 per month. link

Great American Jaw Harp. $11.50 link

KingMax 8GB Tiny Machine Washable USB Memory Stick. $15.40 link

Naiant X-P Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone. $29 link

So what are you giving this year?

photo credit: julian


  1. Heh,i was thinking to buy something unexpensive too for my GF,but she just sent me the new DSi…
    So i guess i have to rethink about my plains.:)


  2. hmmmm , i think i’ll go foor the puremagnetik subscription


  3. a cd tower…
    btw, your website is lagging me alot


  4. I’m getting a Waves iGTR for my brother. $60 and you get cool effects and amp simulation.


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