Audio samples from the Griffin iTalk for iPhone.

I’ve wanted to pick up one of those little flash audio recorders for a while. You know the ones such as the popular Zoom H2 and pretty looking Sony PCM-D50. I never got around to grabbing one and I’m really glad. It turns out my iPhone makes a pretty sweet recorder.

I downloaded the Griffin iTalk app from the iTunes store and recorded a few clips. iTalk records AIFF files using the iPhone’s built in mic. You hit a nice large red record button and it displays a green “recording” symbol and an input meter. If you pause and start recordings and they remain in the same file. You can name and add notes to your files on the phone. To transfer the recordings to your Mac you install a small program called iTalk Sync which once launched detects your iPhone. A few clicks and you can drag the files from the iTalk Sync window to your desktop. Everything works smooth and easy but how does it sound? I will let you be the judge:

My mother tells me about her day at work:

My step father Doug talks about the weather:

On the check out line at ShopRite (a supermarket):

Some vocals I recorded with Julie for a book reading. I added a gate, compressor and eq on this one:

You can download the 24bit wavs: click here

The main “wow” factor here for me is the fact that I have my phone with me everywhere I go so therefore I now have a neat recorder everywhere I go too!

So what do you think?

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15 thoughts on “Audio samples from the Griffin iTalk for iPhone.”

  1. This is really good timing. I’v lituraly just been wondering about the recording quality of the iphone/ipod touch. No excuse now!

  2. Very cool! Can you use one of the i-pod line-in adapters and record a stereo signal from a mixer for example?

    Also, you have 24-bit files – we’re those res’d up from 16bit or can you actually record 24bit native on the i-touch?

    Interesting stuff!

  3. Very cool!

    You convinced me to buy it and I’m glad I did. The portability and always-with-me aspects of the iPhone make it perfect for this. In fact, I’d give up some quality if I had to to get those features.

    pontus, I’m on a PC, and the sync software iTalk has for the PC works great. Also, I dealt with their Support folks, and they were very responsive, so if you do have a problem (PC version is in beta), I’m betting they’ll be good at making it work.

  4. Love that buying it right away! Thanks a heap for the lovely blogg, looking forward to develop my iphone skills along with you guys =)

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