SynthPond Spatial Sequencer for the iPhone.

synthPond 2.0 Tutorial from zach on Vimeo.

synthpond trio 1 from organofqwerty on Vimeo.

Everyday I am discovering fun musical apps for the iPhone. Imagine taking an iPhone with this app back in time 20 years. I love the gentle sounds synthPond creates but for me to use it in my own style of song I would need to be able to add my own harder sounds.

“synthPond is a relaxing spatial sequencer and audio toy by conceptual new media artist Zach Gage. Unlike a normal sequencer where you place notes on a grid and a moving playhead plays them, in synthPond you place nodes in a field (pond). There are two major types of nodes. Circular nodes release waves at certain intervals. Hard-edged nodes release waves when waves hit them.” –

There is a free and pay version of synthPond available: iTunes

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Oliver Chesler

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5 thoughts on “SynthPond Spatial Sequencer for the iPhone.”

  1. I just think it is strange the remarkable proliferation of experimental iPhone audio apps, compared to normal computers, or more open platforms.

    My theory is that the iPhone app store, a single and safe place to purchase all the little toys with just a couple clicks, makes it economically viable to do these types of things.

    Or is there something about the iPhone itself that makes it conducive to this type of thing?

  2. Rex, it has to be the touch screen. There is something extremely alluring about pressing the screen and having a sound play. It is tactile and must trigger reward centers in our brain in a way that a mouse just can’t. Do you think the computer of the future will just be a large (maybe roll-out?) giant iphone touch screen. After playing with the iphone for a few hours I’m frustrated that it’s not possible to get the computer screen to react.

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