My family loves the Smule Ocarina.

Alex plays the Ocarina from wiretotheear on Vimeo.

For the past few days I have been in a suburb of New York City called Rockland County. It sits about twenty minutes north of the city and is a nice typical suburban area. Trees, malls, cars and dogs are all normal sites you will see here. My mother’s house has been like Grand Central station because of Thanksgiving. My brother, his wife, her sister and baby and many aunts and uncles have been coming and going. Of course whenever I spent time with my mother that means within 24 hours I also have to meet up with my father and his wife too. I’m happy to see everyone and the only real damage done is to my stomach.

My brother recently got an iPhone 3G. I’ve used them a few times before but because this iPhone was my little brother’s I was able to snatch it from him and really spend time with it. As I was wowing myself with the device I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm and went into “this is so cool you have to see this” mode with all the relatives. Without a doubt flicking through photos was the early winner for the most “ooohh that’s amazing” gasps.

Then I remembered my profession and placed a few bucks in my brothers hand and bought some music apps. The moment I blew into the Smule Ocarina app my mother’s Boston Terrier’s ears stood straight up and he did that cute tilt the head thing. At the same time the baby (Noah) freaked out smiling, screeching, and reaching for the iPhone. As I kept playing I looked up and noticed everyone over 50 was just staring at me in disbelief. None of them could understand how I was blowing into the phone and playing it like a flute. It’s been two days since we installed Ocarina and it’s happy sounds have not stopped since. I wake up to someone playing it downstairs and fall asleep to my brother complaining about all the slobber on the phone. I have to say he’s been a great sport about the entire ordeal. The best part of the entire weekend has been when he discovered you could make the Ocarina produce sounds by rubbing it on his boob.

The iPhone is done so well that you quickly begin using it as a tool. You focus on the content and forget your using some new futuristic piece of consumer electronics. I’m heading to the mall and getting mine today.

For more info about the Ocarina app visit:

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