Are you shopping on Black Friday?

Well I am back in the good ole USA. After a day of Thanksgiving over eating and loud relatives Black Friday is here. Still quite jet lagged so I woke up around 4:30 AM and watched lunatics on the news rushing into stores. For those in the rest of the world Black Friday is a day where American retailers cut prices on everything. They also have “door busters” which are usually high priced items up to 80% off their original price. Each individual store will only have a few hundred of these door buster items so it causes people to line up before the store opens early in the morning. This year HDTVs seem to be the rage item. Just a year ago a 42″ 1080p HDTV would have been over $1200 and today I saw a few for $799.

So are Pro-Audio shops in on the game? You bet! As soon as I logged onto IM my friend Dan who works at the Guitar Center on 14th Street started chatting me up. He was telling me he preparing his feet and mind for the long day. This is the deal GC has going:

“Today its 15% off 1 item…and the rest of the weekend it’s 10% off.” – Dan

Are you any of you heading out to grab some deals? Are you going to be getting gifts for yourselves or something to put under the tree? Are there any killer Pro-Audio deals you know of?

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4 thoughts on “Are you shopping on Black Friday?”

  1. Im well jealous! Stuff is so much cheaper in America anyway (than in the UK) even without Black Friday! Anyone fancy getting me loads of stuff i don’t really need and posting it over?

  2. Black Friday is just plain awful.

    Yes, if you want to battle with people for some mediocre bargains, you can save some money. I mean realistically, the people reading this blog are reasonably physically fit males between the ages of 20-40 so don’t really have anything to worry about shopping on black friday… if someone messes with you in line you will probably be able to give as good as you get. Yes, if you are reading this block, you are probably of the demographic that you can throw that 40 year old woman out of the way with one hand to be the first to get the deal on that TV. Congratulations.

    The thing is, is pushing people around worth the $200 or so you will save? Basically, when it comes to the cheapest items, it is survival of the fittest, and if you are reading this blog you probably fall into the “fittest” category. But, for me, it isn’t worth saving $200 on a television to become a wild animal and have to struggle with other people. I mean, how much do pro boxers make? How much money are UFC fighters paid? If you want me to struggle with other people to be at the front of the line, I am going to need to save a bit more than a couple hundred dollars, you know what I mean?

    Really, things are so damn cheap in North America, that no-one living there really needs to shop on Black Friday. They can shop on any other day of the year, and still be saving more money than most people in the industrialized world. I find it terrifying that one of my favorite, least commercialized holidays, which is all about having appreciation and respect for how lucky and blessed we all are and spending time with our families, is exploited to become the crassest of consumer experiences.

    I am in no way one of these hippy folks who hate on all forms of commercialism. Personally, I love capitalism and commercialism. Which is why, when I am frightened by Black Friday (which I am), you had better be scared. I will pay $200 more, and keep my dignity, thanks. Black Friday, no thanks!!!

  3. This year Black Friday showed it’s good and ugly face. The US needed a boost in the economy so Black Friday mostly lost it’s negative image. Unfortunately a Walmart employee in NY was trampled to death as people rushed into the store. Here’s the story: click here. Unbelievable!

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