A few words I heard today.

“The police told us we couldn’t park there so we had to return the truck and rent a Sprinter.” I will be billed. “This (synth) case is over size by 2cm so please proceed to ticketing”. I was billed. “Oh my god I’m sorry let me get you a napkin quick”. Orange juice is sticky. “If you lean on me again I’m going to punch you in the face.” I heard myself say that several times. Sadly I only said it to myself.

That’s about all the typing I can handle today. Moving sucks.

What did you hear today?

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9 thoughts on “A few words I heard today.”

  1. Me: Dont hit the drums while I set up the mics.
    Drummer: Sure
    *setting up bottom snare mic*
    Drummer hits the snare…

    From that point on I didnt hear anything at all…
    Next time Im going to knock him out for that…

  2. Maaaaan don’t worry, I went through moving process not that long ago. I decided to start living in Copenhagen and since that day by bad luck started. First living with 4 more people in 10 square meters room, than finding my own place that is so expensive that I had to start 2 jobs, and there wasn’t anything cheaper. Than of course I didn’t have any of my music stuff with me, than my bike was stolen, did I mention I couldn’t get internet connection for first 2 months? ;) And those small details that made my day like, going to the company where I had to pay my rent 3-4 times because they always had problems with terminal / me ;) And many many more… So I learned to be calm like water and hope just to have those situations over me, good training for patience ;) And of course I also had those moments that I didn’t have energy to do this any more, but hey there are the bad things in life just for those good things to happen :) Or I hope it’s this way :P Good luck!

  3. the girl I want :” it would be better not to be together…….’cause I’m not sure about us……” although she was always happy when we were together…..but she is locked in her head…….
    :(……….damn motherf****** s***
    what should I say to her??
    what do you think??
    forget her? fight for her?

  4. thanx very much…. I should write a song about it…..to get this thing out of my head for a while……..by the way….you are a great producer……you keep the spirit of the old electro goth style alive……..but without being ” retro”….sorry but I couldn’t say it in a better way….’cause I’m from germany….hope you understand what I mean…… much respect to you…… I love your music and this blog

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