In the studio with Bon Harris from Nitzer Ebb.

The always busy James Bernard from Propellerhead Software went to LA to interview Bon Harris one of the founding members of Nitzer Ebb. It doesn’t surprise me to hear he’s using Reason to create the music for the upcoming all new NE album. Reason seems to be a center piece in a lot of EBM bands today. It was a happy surprise to hear the bassline Mr. Harris let us have a sneak peak of because it had an old school Nitzer Ebb feel to it. If Douglas McCarthy can get angry enough to put proper vocals on this remains to be seen. I for one really hope the magic returns.

Keep up with NE here: and


  1. I do love me some NE and can’t wait for the new album to come out. You a fan of Doug’s recent Fixmer/McCarthy work?


  2. I liked some of it but so far nothing matches the early NE stuff.


  3. Why do you think all the EBM bands like Reason so much, is it because its step sequencing emphasis and rack-mounted feel naturally veer you in the right direction (i.e. you end up making arpeggiated/looping type pieces naturally)?
    Maybe it could also be because as EBM bands in general would actually perform ‘live’ in the really live sense, they know that if they make something entirely in Reason its all in there and it will run very stably in a live situation and it will load the next song very quickly?

    I love it, but having said that the attraction of some new fangled VST always drags me away at some stage ;p


  4. Saw them live at DEMF a few years back and from a live standpoint they really sounded good. Anybody know what happened to Front 242 they were my two favorite flavors of industrial-techno back then. Them and Meat Beat Manifesto, there is a guy who music has evolved into something wild.


  5. 242 are still touring around especially in Europe. The band members all have various side projects going on too.


  6. NICE. This band has been one of my unhealthy obsessions for as long as I can remember actively appreciating music. Thanks for the vid link!


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