Flowers. Another pretty Monome video.

Flowers from Jan van Nuenen on Vimeo.

There is a large collection of really good looking Monome videos on Vimeo. This one is my favorite.

“Monome is a small Philadelphia-based hardware company that makes controllers for electronic music performance and new media art. Their first product, 40h, is an eight-by-eight grid of backlit buttons, which connects to a Mac or PC using a USB cable and the OpenSound Control protocol. Originally developed as an open ended performance interface for electronic music, its developers have said “The wonderful thing about this device is that it doesn’t do anything really,”.[1] As a result, developers have begun to use the monome as an interface for other types of software, from text displays to games.” –

More about the Monome: click here


  1. Nice find, Oliver.

    The idea of generative environments controlled by music gestures is very cool.


  2. Those look so great, I would love to have one to use when I DJ with Ableton to launch clips, but they are never available to buy.


  3. I just love the Monome – it’s such a great device and completely changed my way of making music. Have a look at what i do with a Monome and WiiMote at


  4. wire to the ear » » Flowers. Another pretty Monome video. great article thank you.


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