A different kind of Bauhaus cover song.

What does the goth band Bauhaus have to do with the mall, girls and the store Orange Julius? This video for one thing. Do you think Peter Murphy would approve of this? This is a perfect example how doing a cover song can help your career.

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4 thoughts on “A different kind of Bauhaus cover song.”

  1. Hmm i don’t know , maybe i just don’t get it . I say leave Murphy and the boys to do what they do best. Any thoughts on the last Lp? I quite liked most of it .

  2. Badly recorded, the vocal is way too high. Are they trying to be the new Ween? Plus you don’t spit on a Picasso. I give it zero out of 10.

  3. While the song is annoying, I do like that they utterly disrespect a song that means so much to people.

    I mean, it used to be all you had to do was burn a flag or create a bust of Jesus out of poop or something – But nowadays that kind of behavior is so cliche middle-America community-college art-school, it hardly raises an eyebrow.

    Cheapening the “serious” music of people’s youth is the only thing remotely profane anymore.

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