1. Hmm i don’t know , maybe i just don’t get it . I say leave Murphy and the boys to do what they do best. Any thoughts on the last Lp? I quite liked most of it .


  2. Badly recorded, the vocal is way too high. Are they trying to be the new Ween? Plus you don’t spit on a Picasso. I give it zero out of 10.


  3. While the song is annoying, I do like that they utterly disrespect a song that means so much to people.

    I mean, it used to be all you had to do was burn a flag or create a bust of Jesus out of poop or something – But nowadays that kind of behavior is so cliche middle-America community-college art-school, it hardly raises an eyebrow.

    Cheapening the “serious” music of people’s youth is the only thing remotely profane anymore.


  4. i swear those drums are from Soft Cell’s “Sex Dwarf”.


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