Sunday Sounds: Early Rave

Today’s edition of Sunday Sounds is a playlist of early Rave tracks. I was deeply involved with this era so this playlist could be really long but for my own sanity I just picked 10 tracks. So go take some E, crack a few glo-sticks, find your most retarded clothes and press play.

“There’s a rainbow inside your mind!” – Praga Kahn

You want to make music like this? For gear I suggest an Akai S950, discs of breakbeat samples, Roland Juno-2, Roland TR-909, Roland TB-303.

I created this playlist over at My profile there: thingstocome

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12 thoughts on “Sunday Sounds: Early Rave”

  1. Great stuff – theres no point in me playing it cos pretty much everyday thats what I listen to eheh :) – all 10 of those great songs are in my genre ‘Rave Anthems’ in Winamp, which is what I listen to pretty much all the time’on radnom/repeat all :p

    I was listening to James Brown is Dead in the car last night actually haha

    I especially like the sound/style of the first 5 songs you picked – ‘back in the day’ I used to call that warehouse rave for some reason, but the common thread between all those songs is that they are all either by people who were a part, or very influenced by Belgian (and Dutch) New Beat sound, and therefore EBM to a certain extent – I love that sound. The Second Chapter on XL Recordings has many songs of this type (including Channel X). Maurice Engelen (Praga Khan) is really so important when you add it up – Lords Of Acid, Channel X, Praga Khan, MNO, Moments Of Ecstacy, Boy Toy, Code Red, Digital Orgasm – amazing.

    I also never noticed before that LA Style was actually the guy from ‘The Curse’ who did All Systems (Are Go)’- that was one of my first 12″s.

    anywayz – great choices man

  2. YES! Some of these are hilarious to hear now, and some are just as badass as I originally thought.
    Meat Beat Manifesto is coming to Boston next week, and I hope Ben Stokes (DHS) busts out House of God.

    I think it’s time I fire up my 909 again and freak out!

    Thanks for the post!!!

  3. Lords of Acid =)
    I actually have all those tunes in my itunes! I found a tape of my oldschool rave mixes and had to get it on my computer – there is some absolute gold on those tapes.
    though I was more into things like
    “scott brown – now is the time”
    I did try to post a link to it on youtube, but thats barred on this site, so do a search for it =)

  4. We where talking how Richie Hawtin (and others on +8) made the clap so long and lush.

    My gues it is just a reveb and some Eq. :)

    Substance Abuse is great. Thanks for this.

  5. Dont forget the M-1 on all of them old piano anthems.

    I’m curious now what Beltrams using for all that filtered stuff he’s doing now, besides a filter and old vinyl samplin’.

  6. yeh the M1 is full of classic sounds, I was cycling through the presets in KORG Legacy Digital, and was getting flash-backs, the amount of presets that were used in old hardcore/hands-in-the-air type stuff is unbelievable – especially the ‘House Piano’ preset…

  7. The house organ on it also is classic, cant think of the preset name though. Might be under house organ or house piano split on the KLC Digital. The M-1 KLC also has a good hoover preset somewhere on it.

  8. haha I actually just found it I think, it’s the ‘Perc-Organ’ one I reckon

    woah – the ‘M1 House Split’ preset has the organ at lower octave and House Piano at the top octave :D

  9. Don’t forget about that Hoover preset on the M-1.
    I got a Karma and it has alot of the sampled waveforms if not most or all from the M-1. I plan on doing the best I can to recreate some of the better presets on the Karma…I’m positive it can be done seeing the Karma can do the M-1 efx and more.

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