Sunday Sounds: Electronic Body Music

In keeping with a new tradition on Wire to the Ear called “Sunday Sounds” where I post a music playlist each week here’s the next installment: Electronic Body Music. This is my personal favorite music genre. EBM is creative, powerful and mostly electronic music. You can find some sophisticated song arrangements and vocals in a lot of EBM. The genre almost disappeared in the early 90s but it’s back with new blood.  Even the old guys are back on the show circuit.

I created this playlist using Imeem. You can find me there at

Are you an EBM fan?

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Sounds: Electronic Body Music”

  1. EBM is great stuff – I love it and Belgian New Beat and all it’s variants – the only albums I actually owned when I was young though was actually just UP:Evil and Tactical Neural Implant. A lot of my friends were very into it though.The Blade was a great song and of course Religion. My favourite of all though is Headhunter though – clichéd I know but I just love that bass/cello-y line – I presume its FM is it Oliver? – Im sure you’d know :p
    is it a DX-7 or something?

  2. yeah! some great ebm tracks there. some i had never heard of. i have been a fan of cabaret voltaire for some time, and i came across severed heads by accident a few years back. these guys were not afraid to experiment, which is the aspect i love the most. i’m watching this great cabaret voltaire as i type >
    keep up the good work oliver ;-)

  3. I used to love TDI records. I’m not sure if it qualifies as EBM, it might be more German techno. But Robotiko Rejekto, Tribantura and Bigod 20 made some great music. We were lucky in Houston to have a club that played all of it and still does.

  4. Well i actually tried out ebm music about a year ago or so, thanks to you…

    and i fell in love with it!

    so thanks oliver!

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