The Ocarina by Smule for the iPhone.

SMule: Ocarina [Zeldarian] from SonicMule, Inc. on Vimeo.

One of my childhood friends works at Apple. Every now and then he emails me and the header reads “this is cool”. For him to get happy about an application usually mean I am about to agree with him. I’ve used a few Nintendo DS games that utilize the microphone as a breath controller. Here Smule software re-creates an ancient instrument the Ocarina.

Ocarina is sensitive to your breath, touch and movements… Ocarina is a social application. Tap on the globe icon and you will see and hear other Ocarina players throughout the world. The globe view will highlight the source of the music. –

Are we going to start seeing hippies, granolas and hackey sack freaks buying iPhones now and playing the Smule Ocarina in parks?

For more info on the Ocarina or other Smule apps visit their sites: Home MySpace Facebook

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10 thoughts on “The Ocarina by Smule for the iPhone.”

  1. when I see an ocarina I think not of hippies, mung beans and petuli, but of the wondrous world of Hyrule and Zelda :)

    that little app might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back which will force me to get an iPhone :p

  2. Same to me Raytrace.^^
    I hope Nintendo will create a new Zelda for Ds where you can play Ocarina,by using the microphone or some tool.

    For now,i enjoy the blowing games in Sawaru Made in Wario and the blowing part in Phantom Hourglass.

    Here in Italy,near to the city called Brescia (the place where Ocarina is from) there is a sort of museum dedicated to this istrument.
    Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma visited there before create Zelda OOT.

  3. this is TOTALLY geeky – but I have indeed been thinking of buying one of these for quite a while:

    I’d probably get the songbook one so I could play ‘Epona’ I love that bloody song lol

    there’s actually a ‘vocal’ version on one of the soundtracks – great stuff

    in a completely off-topic aside – Epona is a Gaulic/Celtic goddess of fertility and horses

    Shiggy did his research well :p

  4. You know what Raytrace?

    I did a concert (just because some Nintendo fans asked us to do,in private form) some time ago with a quintet and many Zelda song rearranged by me.
    These were not the main ones on the track list (i’m a huge fan of Kirby and Mother),but i played a couple from OOT,MM and ALTTP.

    Included Epona’s song too,which is one of my favourite with Lost Woods theme and Ganondorf Tower theme.
    Really a great theme.Koji Kondo genius strokes once again.:-)

    I’m been asked to do something official,but

  5. your comment got cutoff at the end – its a cliffhanger :p

    wow thats cool to perform such classic stuff – Lost Woods is absolutely amazing too – – really genuinely magical and enchanting sounding…

    I also REALLY love Underworld Theme from ALTTP – – I have to say that unlike a lot of people I also liked Wind Waker a lot – and I love a fair few off that too; Windfall Island, the music that plays when you’re inside a house with all the cello plucking is cool too, as is the music in Forest Haven with the gamelan sounding type stuff :)

  6. Sorry for the late reply.
    I posted one on saturday,but it was from a PC of a japanese friend of mine,so maybe this is why the post got lost.

    I love Undrerworld theme from ALTTP too and since here are some Nintendo fan,i will try to post some of Nintendo theme played and re-arranged by me,hoping people can enjoy.

    Starting with those:

    Kirby’s Fountain of Dreams

    Kirby’s Battle for Popstar (Marx theme)

    Others coming soon.

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