Subliminal Kid’s Macbeth M5 in a delightful video.

The Subliminal Kid in the studio from Ruben Broman on Vimeo.

Look at this gorgeous studio video of Stockholm, Sweden’s “The Subliminal Kid” (aka Peder Mannerfelt) in action. He has some class gear including the amazing Macbeth M5N, Roland System 100 sequencer, Roland RE-301, Boss DC1 and a Roland TR-909.

Shot with Panasonic HVX200, Sgpro 35 adapter and Zuiko 55mm f1.2@1.2 – Ruben Broman

The Subliminal Kid at: MySpace or visit him at SoundCloud


  1. jealousy is not a strong enough word for what I fell when I watch that video :p

    seriously though great song too


  2. oh god ‘fell’ obviously equals ‘feel’ :p


  3. I actually love the M5N, one will be mine!


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