Audio Damage BigSeq2 coming soon.

Chris Randall from Audio Damage gave us a teaser of what the next version of BigSeq will look like. On his always fun to read blog Analog Industries he says:

“Development on BigSeq2 is proceeding at a break-neck pace; We’ve got the UI mostly done, and the sequencers themselves are mostly done. All the hard shit is done, essentially. Now it’s just a matter of putting things together, “tuning” all the DSP, then doing the ports. Click the image above for a full-sized version. Note that many of the placements are off, and this isn’t a done final UI. But since we’ve been fairly open about this particular product from the beginning of design, I thought I’d just go ahead and show you where we’re at.” –

Do you ever consider putting a plug-in like this on your master before you even start a creating a song? It can really help you create a song that’s quite different than your normal material.

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2 thoughts on “Audio Damage BigSeq2 coming soon.”

  1. It’s such a bad habit..I put a maximizer on the master within the first few minutes. All the old folks complain about it. I do use it responsibly though keeping my VSTi’s never higher than -11DB and my Master on 0 or less. For my style of beats LOUD is a factor.

  2. That’s a really interesting idea. It would make a totally different working environment from the start. Looks like a great plug, i love sequenced FX :)

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