Is learning at the SAE Institute worthwhile?

I’m big on education. The more you know the better your music will sound, the more jobs you will get, the more money you will be paid and the more fun you will have. Last week I was talking to a friend of mine in Spain and he was telling me about his experience at the SAE Insitute over there. First off, he told me he paid about 9000€. Immediately I let out a big gulp. Teachers should be paid yes. Equipment is expensive yes… but still. I give him “props” as he’s not a native Spanish speaker and all his classes are in Spanish. Because of this however his grades are low. This doesn’t reflect on his music or drive because his tracks are well produced and he’s involved with some decent commercial work already. However, he complains that he can never get studio time at the school except for early in the morning around 8:00AM. He also mentioned that he has several rotating substitute teachers, none of which he has confidence in. He doesn’t like that they gave him the cheapest Mac laptop (the white one). I guess he should have known which computer he was going to get before entering into the program.

I know this post could be seen as a little controversial but I got the notion it was a good topic because over at the Sound on Sound Magazine forums a new bloak asks what people think about SAE almost daily. Almost daily the reviews are mainly negative. Here’s an example: click here

“i’d do a cost analysis: student loans versus potential income. hmmmmmmm, let’s see… potential income = zero” – Sqye, Gearslutz Forum Member

So are any of you currently enrolled at SAE? What do you think? Any allumni want to chime? Is it worth it? I think a lot of people coming into the music business want to know.

Some forum threads on the subject at Gearslutz: click here and another one.

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      1. Hi, Im thinking about applying to SAE, audio engineering in Amterdam, I was wondering if it is a good choice, or if i will be disappointed in the outcome. please let me know asap

        1. Dear Isabelle,
          As in my previous posts, I try to argument about the fact that most of the SAE (incl. Amsterdam) aren’t really worth going to. Unless you’re really undisciplined and want to gain some more practical experience. Most of the practical experience you gain is basically to be learned if you read manuals of gear and software properly. Theory-wise, it’s crap, the tutors don’t know the scientific/researched (answers on the why question) reason of why things happen (like electrically for instance. So actually you could do a technical university, or music technology or something, and with the many you have left, you buy some nice rack gear to play with at home etc.

          But depends really, did you finish high school and do you wanna study at university level. Then don’t go here, DONT EVEN CONSIDER DOING THE BACHELOR, its more in economical topics BUT EVEN THOSE LESSONS ARENT UP TO PAR with studying ECONOMY in college.

          If you don’t wanna study at those levels, then you could go to SAE, but in my opinion, it would still be a lot of waste of money.


          1. Wow this guy is serious about his trollin. I suspect a rival college. How much are they paying you “M”?

            The solution is simple. Call the college. Talk to a lecturer. Ask a ‘technical’ question.

            Say ‘no’ to trolls. Say ‘yes’ to ‘REAL’ investigation.

            After all, you don’t know who these comments are from. That goes for any type of product review, positive and negative.

          2. I’m a SAE student in Berlin and I can only agree with M. It’s almost literally the same advise I would have given.

  1. Interesting that anyone who has an opinion based on personal experience or real facts and investigation of SAE that isn’t a positive one, many illegal in fact, SAE employees try to verbally attack them as a form of intimidation. As if calling anyone with an opinion they don’t like a “troll” is supposed to show that poster in a bad light when all it really does is make people ask what kind of legal, legitimate company run by law abiding, legitimate people operates in this fashion. The the overreaction to these students, present or former, who post based on opinions of their own experience is to be bullied by SAE current or former employees is what thugs do and obviously touches a nerve for a reason. It’s also quite immature to say the least. Some people may have a good experience and opinion of SAE and others don’t including “M” and some law enforcement bodies but to try and gang up on someone who posts the latter just makes you look guilty.

  2. Personally I have nothing to feel guilty about. The only investment I have made in SAE was the tuition. I dont work for SAE,nor do I have a vested interest in what happens to SAE. I personally had a really positive experience at their NY branch and thats what I tell people when they ask. What drives me nuts is when some one with a vendetta tries to tell me that I am some how wrong, or in cahoots with SAE. You want to talk about overblown reactions? After doing a little research of my own, it seems that the ‘students’ doing a lot of the negative posting on this thread are actually the same person, a ‘conspiracy of one’ if you will. So, take my opinion for what its worth.
    The thing that drives me absolutely nuts are the folks who claim that you can learn it all on line or by reading manuels. You will NOT get a job in the industry by just reading a book or watching a tutorial on line. If you want to be a bedroom producer, fine, thats great, more power to you. That was me for years. But then I decided I wanted to make a living…. now I work in the film industry. If I hadn’t gone to SAE and gotten my foundation together I wouldn’t be where I am today. So, many paths up the mountain. Many schools to check out. But don’t let one or two guys with bad attitudes and personal vendettas diswade you from looking at ALL your options and making a FULLY informed decision. Before I chose SAE I tracked down a number of Alumni, and not through SAE, I did it on my own. I wold suggest anyone interested in SAE do the same. Dont just listen to the folks that post on this thread. There are a lot more resources out there then just this place…. or that ridiculus blog that was put up years ago and never maintained…. and no one ever visits.

  3. Well, that’s kind of my point alum. No one said you were wrong. You had a positive experience and that’s great. I’m only pointing out that just because yours was positive doesn’t mean someone else at another branch didn’t have terrible one. Whether it is for a good or legitimate reason they had a bad experience is always subjective just as your good one is. There are former SAE students such as yourself who may have had a great instructor and good management etc. and then there are those who didn’t. As far as there being “one” person with a vendetta, that I don’t know. I’m not sure how far this thread goes back but I believe it was 2008 and there seem to be detailed issues from specific campuses in various countries, not that they can’t be made up by one individual but considering the legal actions brought against SAE in different countries by different people and entities, I’m not so sure. You do make excellent points on getting jobs in the industry and the best way to go about that and again it’s great advice but someone else may have a different angle that works for them that doesn’t make either of you wrong. I wasn’t specifically referring to you as far as verbal attacks in the previous post although I do think it’s unfortunate and a little unfair to call another student who had the opposite experience that you did a troll, that’s just my opinion.There are however, others who go way beyond that unleash serious verbal insults which is very unprofessional and over the top, again my opinion. Anyway I do agree people should find out as much as possible before attending. My greater concern is the proven illegal activity by those who operate this company not an individual instructor, student or manager here and there. That may be an issue for future students if the company is charged, that diploma/degree may be worthless.

  4. The diploma will not be rendered null if there are actions taken against Misner. But he no longer owns the school. It was actually sold when I was a student. If you you go back in the thread… and really who has the time to read this WHOLE thing, I have been attacked for posting my opinion by ex-students who had bad experiences. Also, there are some ‘trolls’ on here, just like ANY thread. I have to admit that I do take pleasure in getting them wound up. It doesn’t take much. Not saying that is very mature on my part, but its a harmless hobby.
    Most of the students that I met while in attendance at SAE that did not do well in the program expected that they would just be ‘handed’ things. They barley worked at their studies, and then complained about the program. I, and a core group of others, busted our asses and have done well. The others pretty much just accrued a large debt and a bad attitude. So you can see my position. I am not saying that there arent bad branches of SAE out there. Just saying that just because one is bad doesnt make them all bad. And I am not wrong for saying that.

    1. Agreed, you shouldn’t be attacked either. Misner did sell the company but that’s just the monetary aspect, he’s still a big part of it which is on the website and in interviews he’s given. I’m not arguing with you at all I just want to make that point that he didn’t sell and walk away and Misner selling doesn’t leave SAE in the clear ever for future prosecution. Good on you for working hard and doing so well alum. Good luck to you.

    2. Hello everybody. I’m from india and i want to do audio engineering. I applied in SAE in all usa branches
      So it will be really helpful if you guys gimme a correct review about SAE because my future depends on it.
      Thank you

    3. Alum,
      I was just wondering what you would recommend for me as I am currently looking into SAE. Should I already have equipment? This is all new to me and Im from upstate New York, planning trying to make it on my own in NYC. How should I prepare myself for this institute, and the music and film business in general?

  5. I ‘m not a forum person at all but this subject really got my nerves going, so here’s SAE in a nutshell for you (I did it about 1 year ago, audio engineering full time that is, believe me):

    Teachers: good till excellent, they will take the time for you and and can go into great depth
    about any subject regarding audio.

    Studio’s: good equipment in the aspect of mics/consoles altough basic hardware like mic stands
    really sucks even in the bigger studio’s. But let’s not put the blame at the school itself,
    you would be surprised at how much of my fellow students even later on in the
    programme didn’t even know how to handle something basic like a stand or how to roll
    up a cable properly.

    Practical excercises: Are nice to do but nearly all of them are graded with a pass or fail. This
    means you can put a lot of effort into a excercise (I did) and you will just get
    a pass or you can just not put a lot effort into a excercise and you will still
    get a pass (this is seriously how it works).

    Theory Test: Multiple choice, this kind of always worked demotivating for me seens I would
    always study quite hard but the multiple choice questioning always kind of screwed
    with my head.

    Studio time: very limited seens the school is packed full of students, altough if you spend a lot of
    time at school, studio’s sometimes just pop open. Everybody also noticed that the
    booking system turns you into a kind asshole

    Can anyone guess which SAE i’m talking about here ?

  6. Sounds Like NYC to me. When bookings got to tight I would go talk with administration and they found ways to get my class more time.

  7. hey guys, i am thinking to join the sae institute london for a ba/bsc (hons) in digital film making… any comments??

  8. hey guys, I’m thinking about going to SAE Berlin, Cross media and publishing studies. what do you think? do any of you recommend about it? I see many of you are disappointed from SAE, and I don’t wanna be a part of you. So… an honest opinion, please?
    Everything I saw, I saw about sound Engineering, so I hope I still have a chance, and maybe my program will be better.
    The campus I’m thinking about is Berlin, and I would like to approach the two year Bachelor program.

    Thank you for any help!

  9. I went to SAE Institute Nashville, I will say, do yourself a favor and get at least a Bachelor’s degree first, in a business related field, something other than music, you WILL need it. The recording industry is an extremely tough market right now, even some of the best engineers are unemployed because simply, studios just can’t make it anymore. The best bet is to start your own studio, what I did was after graduation, got a real corporate job making a great salary, including health benefits, 401k’s, and much more, something studios won’t offer that are extremely important. Then, used that salary to invest into a studio to do on the side, with my future goal to do it full time once I gain enough clientele and recognition. The good thing about Nashville is that yes, we are the mecca of recording studios, but at the same time, you will have to pay an arm and a leg to record at these studios of which the quality can easily be replicated in a privately owned home based studio if done correctly.

    I will say at SAE, it is very much designed for those who really don’t have any recording experience, I went into the program with 6 years of self knowledge, I didn’t learn a heck of a whole lot, I wish they offered a more advanced program you can test into for a lot of those students who go into the program knowing so much already. Overall, I liked the school, great staff and supervisors, but in reality, I could have done without this school and saved the 20k+.

  10. I’ve been studying at SAE institute in oxford doing a digital Film making degree and my advice would be : “don’t go” It’s a big business and a money-box, It could be good, only if we had a lecturer up to the job. Only one film lecturer there and she doesn’t deserve her place in a university course.
    The only good time are when we get guest lecturers to come do lessons but that happens 4 times over the year. For the audio course I cannot say how good the teaching is, the audio peeps seem to enjoy it though. Just don’t go there to do films.

  11. “sae student” Could you elaborate on what you said? Are you saying the quality of teaching is not good.. and what is the coursework/exams like? Easy/hard/seem like a waste of time?
    This advice would have been helpful a year ago. I;m going there this year !

  12. Hi there,
    1 year ago I’ve got a diploma in audio engineer with SAE.
    about SAE paris: (we started at 15 peeps and finished at 9, 6 of us got the diploma.)
    -teacher: many of them are still involved in audio industry and have really strong audio knowledge.
    -theory lesson: good enough to understanding the basic (advice: physics and maths knowledge are required before applying, log, etc…).
    -theory exam: Not so easy to achieved, I mean some of the questions could cheating you, you have to be a hard worker with your theory lessons if u want to get a good evaluation.
    -Practical exercises: at the beginning it’s really easy to do a good job, but at the end when u have to finish your thesis and in the same time to do a bunch of exercises with the neveVR or ICON , that’s could be a big “brainwashing”.
    -my POV: I was involved for 10 years in audio industry before I deciced to enrol with SAE, (trying to gain more skills in post-production environment). My 10 years was really helpfull, especially for managing the pressure during the theoreticals and practicals tests. I did not waste my time, I think so.
    I’d like achived the BA in SAE London.
    Does anyone there, got an opinion about SAE London Audio department?

  13. Hey…I am Alif.
    i want to be a musician. this is my aim.
    So,I am thinking of going to SAE in Berlin for Audio engineering.
    I dont know about them so much. Please give me some information about their activitys. Is they are helpful for my future?? and for my job ??
    And give me some information about their tuition fee.
    thank you.

    1. do it you won’t regret it. im in sae audio engineering in miami.. im a will help u in many aspects

  14. Well I am currently attending SAE Miami, its only been a week so far..but it seems like i will learn a lot… you know it is going to be different for every person. because some people can’t selfstudy some people need hands-on (like me =\lol) but for the audio engineering class (is which class im attending) Im a producer and I know it will help me to get better quality on my tracks.. I had alittle doubt tonight because we have this test monday and i missed my first two days (didnt get the money figured out..(now the cost is completely ridiculous i will admit) but anyway its alot of number and math which i suck at and he didnt seem to go to into depth.unless i just done get it lol. but even though it was crazy expensive..if i didnt do it..i wouldnt have ever done it. if any of you wanna go to this school and your considering it..seriously. GO or figure out aanother school and GO no matter what school it is.. i promise you all will learn something. you just gotta know what u wanna do. DO WHAT U WANNA DO NOW. create your life now..dont say oh i dont have money or i dont have time..cause if u dont have money or time now? you will never have it. if you believe in yourself and listen in school and study n work hard and believe uyour dream will come true. if any of you are almost “stalled” in life.. read the book or watch the movie on netflix called “The Secret” it has changed my life i hope it will help you guys ..Best of luck to you all

  15. hi everyone,

    i am 30 years of age and have been involved in music production ever since i was 20. i have played guitar since i was 6 and am a prof working musician.

    i wanted to do the audio production bachlor when i left high school in melbourne in 99 but i did not have any funds to pay for these courses.

    i recently took the tour around the melbourne campus and i have my doubts with the course structure and so forth.

    I spoke to a couple of tutors / instructors whilst i was there for five hours and lets face it….. you get posers and primadonna s in every industry but after chatting to these guys i did nt feel the confidence to be taught by them.

    i also asked about the in depth theory studies and i was told that it did not concentrate on the science of sound heavily. ( why would i want to study there then?)

    My other question were on studio time….. if i intend on paying 38000 dollars for a degree, i will basically be living at the place to get projects done to my satisfaction. after leaving i felt that i maybe would not get the hours in the studio i needed.

    i also asked if i could complete projects in my own home studio such as mastering……..i was advised that most of my fees were for the use of the studios in sae.

    At this stage i am working in a private studio that produces many famous australian artists and working on tv commercial s. i am still yet to ask some more people about the sae bachelor or any music production private school degree.

    i made my opinion clear to the tour guide that i understand a person has to work to get a result from study but i wanted reassurence that this is not a money making excercise in an industry which is based on recording done strictly by artists and friends of. if you can understand that ;)

    lets have a chat i d love to find out more people opinions.

    cheers rusty

  16. The simple truths are;
    1. Private colleges don’t receive government subsidies. If you look at the ‘real’ price of study (ie full fee paying) you will find the price to be very reasonable (in comparison – I think education is too expensive. Full stop.)
    2. A college is the sum of it’s parts. I would agree that there is a fair share of douche bags that teach but I’d (hardly) ever dealt with them in Australia. You can’t make generalisations (there’s other words for that I’m sure).

    It’s good to see you actually went in and spoke to people. You are one of the few commenters here that seem sincere. But why would you need to study after 10 years in the industry? I remember a few years into my career, no-one looked at my qualifications. They just wanted a discography.

  17. Hi everyone,
    I’m 18 years old and I’m thinking about attending the SAE school in NY to complete a Audio Technology course. I read on the website that the course takes 9 months so I thought about continuing my studies on another school after learning the basics on the SAE school. So is that a good idea? And if no does anybody know a better school in NY?
    Appreciate every reply!!!

  18. Went to SAE NY. Graduated in June 2012. Not worth the time or money. They expect you to be an adult and find out everything by yourself. And asking questions to the staff there ain’t easy. you get half answers most of the time. better off googling and youtubing. But then why pay $23k+ when you can just google everything yourself?

  19. Look at SAE in London, went into liquidation due to the manager’s incompetence (M.Postel) then sae was sold off. The teachers are told to just teach whatever they know from doing the course themselves or if they are not former students then whatever they want basically. If they can’t explain something the students are advised to study at home. Equipment is so so and most of the time there’s something wrong with it. the studios are split in two different location which is really annoying.

  20. Hello everyone.. was nice reading what you all posted. I took admission in Sae Bangkok(new campus this year) and i will post about my experience after a year :D I am from India! And to all others, all the very best in your life, takecare.

    1. Hi Aman,

      m also from india.m planning to study in SAE bangkok next year .so can you please tell me how your experience it worth studying there..??


  21. I attended SAE for the Sound production diploma. i didn’t finish due to personal circumstances. I found one teacher great, and another terrible. The problem teacher could not tell between speakers in and out of phase. I pointed this obvious speaker phase problem out in one of the studios. after couple of minutes of him listening, he he said there was no problem, then later said it was another problem, like an issue with the fader on the console, when it clearly wasn’t. I got very dishearten after that.

  22. Hello Im planning to get a degree on film on the sae institute located in mexico (its new just opened like 1 a half year ago) i wanted to know if im making the right decision? I want to make sure a i get a job placement after finishing the degree there or any part of the wolrd

    1. they teach both in local and english. they offer 2 batch always so you can choose for english one or local language whichever country :) hope that helps :)

  23. Hi I am planning to do Ba Film Production in SAE Dubai, I want to know if this degree is accredited does it help to go for higher studies?

    1. Hi there.. yes it helps and sae is well known in this industry so you dont have to worry.. just choose a good campus. where are you from ? I took admission in bangkok campus and my college will start in march. :) Hope that helps.

  24. Hi guys,
    Great to read the long discussion! I am considering the BA in Digital Film-making in Singapore this year. I can see people have very mixed feelings about the SAE. I understand the risk that some schools are equipted with better teachers then others. My question is: Will the Ba from SAE get me somewhere with the knowledge we get? How advanced is this knowledge we consume? And does anyone in this forum have experience from the SAE Singapore institute?

  25. SAE DUBAI is the BIGGEST waste of money ever! Do yourself a favor and go to a real institute or uni/college! You will THANK me later I swear.

    1. Hey, can you tell me more about your experience at SAE Dubai. Cause i was thinking about applying for this semester there, and i really need someones help. Thanks.

  26. A little late to the party here but I’ve been enrolled in SAE Liverpool so I’ll say my bit.

    I was enrolled in the Electronic Music Production class part time. I had been producing music on my own and had made a couple of “decent” tracks but nothing to be proud of.

    I paid £2000 for a 6 month course, I had a house mate who was enrolled on a 2 year course with a possible 3rd year for a degree in Audio Engineering.

    There was some decent hardware available for use but can’t say I ever really touched any of it. I used Ableton while I was there, when I used the workstations on the few occasions necessary it didn’t have the full suite. Thought that was taking the piss personally.

    Never had to book studio time but as far as I could see it wasn’t difficult (however I was enrolled April to Dec).

    I had one teacher constantly throughout the course who was very dedicated and I still maintain contact with. His enthusiasm was infectious and he was a good teacher. I can’t say much for the other staff however, didn’t think there was a particularly good atmosphere in the place. My house mate felt the same way.

    There’s also an SAE Store where you can get discounts on various hardware and software. When I joined I was told that we got a free Soundcloud Solo account worth £80, but it would be worth waiting until towards the end of the course to claim this as we’d have more material by then. When I advised my tutor that Soundcloud was not on the store, I was later told that the account was no longer on offer.

    I have to say I learned an awful lot in that time and I’m glad enrolled on the course. However it was massively overpriced for what it was and unless that changed I couldn’t recommend it.

  27. Completely agree with ‘truthman’ as an ex student myself.
    Also agree with ‘Sae student’ who commented on the 20th August. Who said “It’s a big business and a money-box” because that is exactly what it is.

    *Basically. If you are considering going to any of them in England to do film. Don’t.*
    It seems the audio courses are okay for the most part in England and abroad.

  28. Hi,
    I am looking for a master degree course in 3d animation, and I would love to live in Amsterdam for the time spend doing so. Does SAE provide a masters course in animation?

  29. Hey, I’m taking my diploma in SAE Malaysia now, just wondering if it’s worth for me to enrol for degree in London ? Which SAE would you guys suggest for Audio ?

  30. does anyone have any feedback (pun intended) about SAE Berlin? Im thinking of doing the audio engineering diploma real soon… im not looking for a job in the industry, nor am i looking for anyone to tell me how to produce music. im basically looking for practical and hands on engineering knowledge for my own personal gain. the course is REALLY expensive, so if theres anyone out there that did this course please let me know your experience! cheers.

  31. I’m thinking about doing the diploma and BA in Audio Engineering in the Amsterdam SAE. Can any recent students give me the scoop? I’m going purely to learn about a subject I love and I know whatever happens it will be difficult to get a job afterwards but I want to be sure that the teachers and facilities there are really up to scratch.

  32. Im just finishing my first year at SAE doing film studies, It is without a doubt the worst place I could have went to study. The senior staff have no interest in the film dept and can be very rude to non audio students. The equipment is crap and almost all of it falls in the 4-10 years old bracket. it gets damaged but never replaced and frankly if i wasn’t at the half way point I would just quit. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider other schools as the audio students we speak to share almost all of the same complaints that the film students have.

    1. Last year I was enrolled in the Electronic Music Production course at SAE LONDON and after 3 months I was just about to quit right in the middle of the course. The teacher was a former student who knew his stuff I recognise but there were two things that were really disappointing:

      1 – Ok, the teacher knew his stuff but he was always in a bad mood, always bitter and not friendly at all, that is probably why nobody asked questions when he asked if we had questions. And when we asked a question he would answer as if we had done something wrong and needed to learn good maners. You just don’t feel motived in an enviroment like this!!

      2 – After 2 months we had to handle the first assignment containing a 2-4min track, and in the fourth month the second assignment which is also a track 2-4min long, so they assume that we are all djs or musicians but we are not…not everyone knows music theory (scales) or the 8-16 bar rule, so we went into the 4 fourth month and basic music theory, music structure were totaly forgotten. We had covered other important aspects like Logic functions, audio, synthesis but still, I refuse to google when I paid nearly £3000, I want to lern even if the teacher is a fucking frustraded producer pissed off with his own life. How Am I supposed to make a 2-4min track if they don’t explain music theory!?!?!

      In the end I was strong and finished this shit, but do yourself a favour stay way from SAE EMP COURSE LONDON!!!!!

      When it comes to learn electronic music production less is more, it is more productive to learn in small group of people from a course with less propaganda bullshit, and in London there ares some very good “small”l schools/courses where you can learn the hell a lot more!!!!

  33. Hi peeps.. I need an honest answer from someone who knows.. is studying in SAE OXFORD worth a while?? plus how would it be like, in order of staffs?? I still cannot make up my mind which university would be best and most rewarding..

    1. Read all the other comments about SAE Oxford. I commented on May 4th.
      Do not go to SAE Oxford at all, it doesn’t matter what you intend to study just don’t waste your time. This is the last comment I am making on this.

  34. I’m going to attend SAE next year. i enrolled for the BA in Sound Production here in Cape Town.
    After reading the whole thread i am a little confused. Many of you are so quick to fire the gun and say SAE is bad or a waste of time. You guys are definitely entitled to your opinions but before you say something like that have you all weighed up the pros and negs of your experience? I personally did not attend an SAE open day because i know how those things can be. They tell you all this BS and try put on show for attendees. I booked my own personal tour and i also allowed a private talk with the Director of SAE Cape Town. I have never been given this opportunity at another college. I’ve spoken to many students from another rival college who immediately spoke badly about SAE. They came across as very arrogant to me because they said things like that they are they best Audio college in South Africa. i don’t want to put myself in an environment like that, i get enough of that BS at school. Along with that, i attended another Open Day at a third audio college in Cape Town. I had a great time and enjoyed the teachers. Although, their studios were definitely not on par with SAE’s. When i ended my tour at SAE i went ahead and sat down with the director. I asked him straight forward questions and gave him my piece of mind. He was more than patient with my questions. By the time the meeting ended i realised that we had been talking for a little longer than a hour. To me, these are the things that impress me. The fact the they did this for me shows a lot and i’m not even one their students yet but still, they were prepared to go the extra mile for me. After countless career days and inquiries i have made up my mind. For other people who are interested, don’t sit here and rely on these opinions and comments. Use them to question your decision and then go out find out for yourself if that question is true. It’s all about you and what you make of it so don’t automatically make a decision based on the opinions here. With that, i understand i havent actually finished the course or even started but i just thought a little outside insight could help. I’ll be sure to give feedback once i have started the course. Also, last point here, i see many of you complain about the music theory. At SAE Cape Town I am allowed to apply for RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning), what this means is that i can apply to get discount roughly (5000 ZAR) on my fees because i have, in my case, already passed the music theory level required. Which a decent amount in my case. Do other SAE branches not offer this? and is the Music theory really that bad then?


    1. Hi, am planning to go for film production at SAE Cape Town itself. You think its worth it, hows the student life there in the campus and the facilities?

  35. Hi there,

    Im a dj – producer of house music since 14 years , i started when i was 16 years old, i never stopped, now I’m getting the pay back for all those years giving to the music. Im working in several well known labels and earning respect from the international scene. Now i decide to make the Audio engineering diploma at SAE Berlin, but I’m clear as i learned in all this years in this industry, it will not be the key for all doors, when a person decide to become a pro in this industry, need to be clear that his success will depend on many many facts, including style, public relations, business understanding, and the must important thing TALENT, unfortunately not everybody has it. For me it will be just the opportunity to learn the must i can of what I’m doing. Knowledge its always good and for a person in my position, it will bring my work and name to a next level, it will always be up to me and my work out there. I had seen too many talented guys with no resources to make it happen in this industry, i had seen too many people that had it all, all gears, all the money to resist the process, but some how something was missing for them to make it happen. In art in general, its about believing in yourself and been clear that its not gonna be easy or fast. If I’m making well without the studies, I’m sure i will become a lot better after i get all that knowledge.

    If you believe in your self and u are clear this is what you want to do for the rest of your life, from your heart, then study and learn all you can. it will be just positive at the end.

    I know its cool to be a producer and be recognized as an artist, but is not SAE that will make it happen, its only your self.

    this is not for everybody…

    Peace and love !

  36. I am having great time at SAE Bangkok. Thai staff is not so cool but others are nice. Completed 6 months already , had some troubles which manager solved. Now teaching staff is different for another 6 month and I am loving here.
    New campus this year.
    Everything is new. Worth the fees I paid.(Around 10000$/year).

    I posted some videos already and will keep posting. Cheers !!

  37. SAE India is no different. Sajani (the bald headed bitch), Durga (the one who looks and behaves like a whore) and Anirban (the guy who thinks too much of his pathetic institution) in SAE Chennai are big time frauds. They do not even conduct exams properly. Now they are in a heavy financial crisis and they cannot return our security deposit. They could not pay the rent of their office and had to be evacuated with court permission!

    No good teacher. You will learn two things: How to get high and how to get stoned. And you will hear the academicians talk up a storm about the quality of their institution and how the students are having an “enriching” experience. None of that is true. Wasted 300 thousand INR on a course where I am not even sure whether I will get a certificate!

    Worst experience of my life!

    Please heed my advice and stay away from SAE.

    1. I know man I called them to ask about course and they just kept telling me price and starting date thats it ! So I came Bangkok which I made a good decision ONLY BECAUSE this year they build huge new campus this year which is still under construction.
      Just a basic school man. No fun. T
      hey can improve so much but I guess as long as students are taking admission in SAE , they dont have to worry.

    1. I dont know about any other college offering diploma. SAE Bangkok is good option but let me clear that if you come as a musician very passionate about college , you will not be happy. I did same , but after 6 months now I realised its just normal college for basic learning of engineering which you can learn online but college gives you chance for practice and meet other people thats it. Only self education is best and you can only learn basics in college . Atmosphere is very dead because its just like any other college and no fun which we expect as musicians. :) But its just that you get chance to meet some other people who are interested in same career path as yours. I paid for coming to SAE Bangkok because I knew people come from different countries here and this year they have new campus which is really nice. I am not much happy with the syllabus , staff response , but I have made some good friends I can work together with. So I am happy for that experience. COLLEGE never helps but its just you meet people thats good. Self education is best trust me.

  38. Today I had a rough day. It was my mistake to take same design of ex student for my project and I had no intension to cheat. I studied everything and was ready for cross questioning. But as I used design which I didn’t make dont know why I was stupid to do that , I committed crime and they can expel me for that they told. But staff was very understanding and gave me warning and told not to repeat which is very kind of them. I recommend SAE BANGKOK for obtaining your diploma in audio engineering. Its not as expensive as other institutes and campus now is amazing. Maybe fees increase in future but if you are deciding now where to go this is a very good option , Nice faculty , available equipments , good studio + its Bangkok !!

  39. I’m an Audio Engineer student in the SAE germany and its almost finished.
    it is the biggest disappointment of my life!

    Stay away from SAE !!!!

    they say in the job titles theese jobs u will learn,

    Music Producer, Recording Engineer, Radio Producer, Mixdown Engineer,
    Live Sound Engineer, FOH Engineer, Monitoring Engineer, Technical Director, Boom Operator, Sound Designer, Mastering Engineer, Event Technician, Foley Recording Engineer, Post Production Engineer.

    HAHAHAHA then i must be Einstein :)))

    People, friends, its lie, u cant learn all of this in 18 months. u even cant learn in double the time. What u learn in the SAE u can learn 100 times better in google or youtube and for FREE!!!!

    the Diplom will give you nothing! after the school if u want to start working somewhere they will ask you do you have experience??? u will say NO! cause you dont get the experience in the SAE. only thing what u get in the SAE is theoritical lesson stuff twice a week and that from very unexperienced teachers wich most of them come from outsite to sae, (freeworker)

    I will never recommend this school to anyone!


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