SM Pro Audio V-Machine Stand Alone VST Player

The SM Pro Audio V-Machine looks like a micro competitor to the Muse Research Receptor. It’s a $599 box that allows you to load a few VSTs into it and then play without a computer. If you load more than one VST in you can chain them into layers for more complex sounds. From what I read there is “control figuration” software for Windows/Mac with Linux coming soon. However, I believe the hardware box only accepts Windows VST plug-ins (am I right?). Could this be a way to get Windows VSTs playable on a Mac (other than using Bootcamp/Parallels)?

I think price is going to make or break this thing. If they can eventually get these down to $399 I can see justifying it as useful purchase. The problem is at any higher price you could just get a PC laptop. SM Pro Audio also has two more V-Machines coming out at a later date including a a Pedal type device (V-Pedal) and higher powered V-Rack rackmount version.

* External hardware host for Windows plugins (VST instruments and effects)
* Banks, presets (incl. chaining, layering, splitting) can be edited with the V-Machine or the host software
* Create synth layers and chain them with effects
* Connect nearly every MIDI-Controller to the V-Machine
* Multiple VSTi’s can be combined
* MIDI learn functions included
* All effect and synth chains can be switched latency free
* USB-Ports for copy protection dongles
* Use software samplers and stream its content from any USB drive
* sensor to adjust the display’s contrast automatically

My guess is you won’t find these advertised over at KVR (Muse Research owns KVR).

For more info:

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4 Responses to “SM Pro Audio V-Machine Stand Alone VST Player”

  1. inteliko says:

    If you stick the Nepheton, Drumazon, and ABL2 in it will the Hardware/Live PA/ TB/TR purest still laugh at you for using software? I dont think they will notice as long as you saturate the ABL2 with distortion. ;)

  2. inteliko says:

    All joking aside, this would be nice to set up the KORG Legacy stuff in and have it sit on top of the new M-3. Off topic but I got a real gear boner for the M-3 since not only it can load a RADIAS expansion card, but some synth nerd converted all microkorg and MS-2000 patches to RADIAS files. Plus it samples, not just loads them. Stick the Legacy Analog edition in this SM Pro Audio V-Machine Stand Alone VST Player ad you almost got yourself an OASYS..go ahead ..flame me Analoggers. Stick the Wavestation and m-1 Vsts in that bad boy too. M-1 VST is the shiznit!

    Ya gotta love digital too.

  3. klachick says:

    I don’t get the 1x mini jack input.
    So can I load it with, say, Devastator or Timeless and use it as FX box while DJing?

  4. VFXAU says:

    Sure you can load it with effects and use if for real cool filtering while djing, I was running FABFILTER on it yesterday as well as many other effects.

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