Have you seen Rubber Johnny?

I seemed to have missed this video when it came out. All I can say is at 4:27 my voice screamed hell yeah without my brain knowing it. Are there more Aphex Twin meets Chris Cunningham videos (other than Come to Daddy) that I am missing?

I don’t know if I want to vomit or go on a killing spree.

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12 thoughts on “Have you seen Rubber Johnny?”

  1. Ah, yes, Cunningham and James. Just check out everything Chris Cunningham has directed (YouTube his name)–while not all of it involves Aphex Twin, a lot of it does, and the rest may as well. I often forget they are two different people.

  2. You’re missing Windowlicker maybe… There’s a great DVD of Chris Cunningham’s videos, put out by Palm Pictures. I think the best one is the Bjork All is Full of Love, which I imagine is what Stanley Kubrick’s AI could of been. (Chris worked for Stanley for some time) The Squarepusher – Come on my selector video is really great too. He was supposedly adapting / directing William Gibson’s Neuromancer as a feature film but I’m not sure what ever became of that.

  3. Yep they Chris Cunningham really has done some amazing work. That Bjork video is amazing, totally captured the feeling of the song and the window licker video is like david lee roth met ll cool j in a back alley in bizzaro land.

  4. @Joe – the full run of flex was on show at the apocalypse exhibition in london in 2000… fantastic stuff, but i was very pissed off that the cunningham dvd had the cut to three mins version… i felt it had a lot more presence over ten or twelve minutes of idiocy and violence and love. apparenlty cc wasn’t thrilled with it ultimately. gah. ship it all and let the public decide:-) the same exhibition had the chapman bros “fucking hell”, which i still intend to have them remake for my reception once i’m sufficiently capitalised…

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