Frank O’ The Mountain’s Ramapo Sessions

Today I found more obscure electronic music from the 80s I didn’t know about. Interestingly the artist “Frank O’ The Mountain” lived in Rockland County, NY where I grew up. He has a large amount of music on his website but what really has my interest are his two albums “The Ramapo College Sessions 1984-1985” and the “Casio Cassette Sesssions 1985-1987“. This is exactly the kind of music a hunt out and cherish. Something about the pure analog toys mixed to 4-tracks with vocals just has me, tape his and all!

“I took an electronic music class at Ramapo College in NJ. They had a Moog 12 modular synth, and two four track tape machines in a little room. This is where I started song writing and multi-track recording. I spent many hours there by myself experimenting with sound. All songs were monitored through headphones since the speakers were blown. Mastered to cassette tape, usually adding another live track and vocal during that stage. About 150 songs. 1984-1985.” –

One has to wonder if his name kept him from the big time. Besides his MySpace and website he also has a YouTube channel: click here. So my question is has anyone heard of him before? I like it… now where did I put my Stiff Stuff?

Visit Frank O’ The Mountain online:

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9 thoughts on “Frank O’ The Mountain’s Ramapo Sessions”

  1. holy crap! I used to work with weird to do my usual Monday morning blog reads and see him on here. I live in New Milford NJ and used to work in Nyack NY (about 30 minutes away) at an AV Company with him about 3 years ago. SUPER cool guy and he taught me a lot about synths and audio production in general. how did you find his page?

  2. that stuff is great – i would buy a bundle of that stuff as proper downloads (i cannae be arsed streaming it everytime Id like to listen to it). Born To Run is cool too.

  3. also listening to the early microcassette stuff its weird because even though theyre very ‘low’/not loud, they sound so nice and round and musical compared to the abrasive sibilants you get used to these days through digital recordings.

  4. funny track… this is the kind of stuff that makes me feel outdated :(…

    btw, about the article you posted sometime before about the SNL sketch, the one about the cowbell, i just happenned to find and electro track about it,,
    it’s awesome hahaha, and yeah i play it at the club
    Denni5 – We Need More Cowbell –>

  5. I love Frank and his talent and will always admire him.
    I have my own song written for me called “Thanks for driving me to work”
    Worked with Frank for years and still listen to all of his wonderful music.
    Frank of the Mountain Forever!!!!

  6. Haha!
    Yes, I’ve heard of him. We used to be in a band together in the late 70’s – late 80’s. It was called Four Way Ping… Frank was the drummer and I was the lead guitarist. I think there’s a link to some of our music on his website. You can go to to hear it.
    I also did some other stuff with him after I left the band, but we hadn’t been in contact for a while until MySpace/Facebook a couple months ago. I found THIS site while poking around after some guy from Spokane, WA (who said he knew me) called out the blue to ask if I knew where he could find some Frank ‘o’ the Mountain… especially “Nuns are Crazy”. Pretty weird!
    I just picked up my ax again after a number of years and plan on putting up my own site up in a few months after I finish a number of the songs I’m working on right now…

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