A song about the singularity, solar power and space.

Here’s a screenshot and clip from a new song I am working on called “Into the Universe”. It’s not as dark as my usual stuff. If I can get it to a place I like it will be on my next album. The lyrics are from the point of view of a human who is half machine, sometime in the future. He tells how he used to be only organic and how he now runs on solar power and travels to other planets. The explanation is cheeky I know but that’s the magic of music because in song form I think it works.

The pads are Korg Legacy Wavestation. The vocoder is Prosoniq Orange Vocoder. The drums are Vermona DRM-1 MKIII. On my voice: TC Electronic VoiceModeler. Choir is my voice through a Digitech Talker Pedal. Bass is Linplug Albino 2

Keep in mind this is still in demo form…

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  1. Nice song. It reminds me of 80’s. On technical side i think vocal is burrowed in the mix. :]


  2. Thanks. Yeah so far I’ve just mixed in headphone mostly. But it’s good if you want the vocal louder… :)


  3. Good tune! Fine the way it is.


  4. v nice – sounds like Joy Division mixed with Kraftwerk to me – nice ideas too :)


  5. Wow, way to channel Ian Curtis! Really enjoyed this.


  6. where do i sign up for the mind upload?



  7. Thanks for all the nice comments… even d606’s :)


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