Quick tip: When your not sure just Deactivate.

So your at a critical part of your song arrangement and your just not sure if a certain Clip belongs. You erase it and listen but you kinda miss what it added. Maybe you should just temporarily disable the clip and listen again tomorrow. This is easy in Ableton Live: Simply Command-Click or Right-Click the Clip and select “Deactivate Clip(s)” and viola the clip turns all white and you no longer hear it. For the unsure who are unable to commit this is a good option because you can always resurrect your part.

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9 Responses to “Quick tip: When your not sure just Deactivate.”

  1. Charles Cushman says:

    That also seems like a good way to save cpu power when you want to work on just the drums, for example, of a section since disabling a clip does not help.

  2. I somehow missed this menu option until reading your post, and I’ve been using Live since it was first released. Great tip!

  3. raytrace says:

    thats a very useful tip

    the only time I ever managed to get those plain/seethrough clips before was when I fucked up something when I was trying to resample – one small tip I would also say is that if you freeze stuff – always save a final file with them unfreezed then you can delete the ‘freeze’ tracks – which are often massive – as long as you ‘collect and save’ you should be ok (i think haha)

  4. robbneu says:

    This is a very cool tip. You could emulate this in Reason by right-clicking a clip and selecting “Mute Clip,” which I wasn’t even aware you could do until I started trying to figure out how this could be done. Thanks!

  5. Is this better than just muting the specific track that the clip is in? I am just unsure of the difference here.

  6. Hi Lance, if you mute the track everything on that track across the timeline will not be heard. Deactivating the clip only silences that unique point.

  7. FunnelCake says:

    does disabling the clip turn off all the resources for that clip or is it still using resources?

  8. Well it’s not turning off anything on the channel only the audio or notes inside the clip so I doubt you would feel any savings in resources.

  9. DJ Chima says:

    I’ve found deactivating clips hugely useful when you want to save cpu by resampling a clip that has effects, but you don’t want to ditch the original. That way if you do want to make changes to the original there is a deactivated backup waiting there for you

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