Event takes on Dynaudio and Genelec with Opal.

I always held Event monitors in high regard. My brother had a pair of nice sounding 20/20s and I’ve always lusted after the highly regarded ASP8’s. This past July in Las Vegas, Event announced their new flagship speaker the Opal. As with most active speakers with high powered amps these are not bargain priced (about $3000 for a pair). The claimed frequency response is 30 Hz to 10k Hz and they can handle 1,000 Watts. They incorporate a lot of new technology and some of it sounds like stuff you would find in a Audi R8 such as a carbon fiber speaker cone! As a 15 year+ Yamaha NS10M user I am pleased that the Opal’s entire HF unit (tweeter) can be rotated so the speaker can lay on it’s side.

“Many remarked on the clarity of the critical mid-bass regions, while the upper mids in the range of the crossover and the highs seemed nicely balanced. And there were plenty of comments on the well-defined imaging within the stereo soundstage.” – mixonline.com

Your studio is only as good as it’s weakest link. I always say spend your money on good sound treatment first and once you got that out of the way spend high on speakers. Try and find a dealer with a good return policy because speaker taste can be quite subjective.

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4 thoughts on “Event takes on Dynaudio and Genelec with Opal.”

  1. I think this is another over hyped product. If you have a good product then you don’t need Las Vegas opening shows. For instance PMC makes one of the best monitors and they don’t need any shows to promote their stuff. On the technical side theirs design is similar to genelecs and room correction software is basically EQ on a master channel. I’m ADAM A7 user and i am completely happy with them(for my needs), but one day i’ll consider buying PMC’s, because they are superb(sounds like a real hi end speakers). :)

  2. Nice post ! I’d like to hear these in a proper room , very curious. Sound treatment is a must that’s for sure but , for some of us it’s hardly affordable . Might you have any tips on sound treatment for bedroom producers on a tight budget? cheers! ;)

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