Just make a few folds and create a paper CD case.

Paper CD Case – video powered by Metacafe

I love this video. I gave up on plastic CD cases a long time ago. In the rare moment I need to give someone an actual CD I use the paper envelopes you can buy. Well low and behold I can just fold my own pretty easily!

The creators of the above video also have a bookmarklet you can use that will generate and print artwork on the paper if you so choose (I don’t). More info: liquidmongoose.com

“Liquid Mongoose is proud to announce its first project for general release: Paper Case. The Paper Case project allows you to print a fold-able piece of paper into a CD or DVD case, using the content of the internet as your album art or movie cover. Currently, it supports music album printing on music.aol.com and movie cover printing on Netflix. Support for Picasa Web Albums is coming soon for your picture CDs and DVDs.” – liquidmongoose.com

via webware


  1. Awesome! Just don’t use newspapaer.. I learned that the hard way.. lol


  2. do you know how to get one printed? i clicked on their “bookmarklet” and it says you have to be on music.aol.com or netflix. i don’t understand how this works.


  3. wow. that music is annoying:)
    it’s like being trapped in an elevator with the flute player from st. germain.
    what a nightmare.


  4. The service is great. Cannot wait for the integration of Picasa web albums


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