Bandcamp and SoundCloud screencasts.

Bandcamp Screencast from Ethan Diamond on Vimeo.

Last week I mentioned to a friend that 1pixelout must have released a new audio player because I’ve been seeing huge versions of it around different sites. The 1pixelout audio player is the one you sometimes see on this site. Well it turns out these new players are coming from a new service called Bandcamp. Just watch the video above as it tells the story better than me typing it out. It’s clean, free, pretty and let’s you sell your music. I love it.

SoundCloud: The Tour from SoundCloud on Vimeo.

SoundCloud the Berlin based startup has enjoyed a great beta ramp up and launch. They have attracted a nice group of industry insiders and electronic musician to their site. The SoundCloud audio player which allows your to make comments along the waveform of your song is just plain awesome. However trouble may be brewing in die Hauptstadt (capital city) because they just released their pricing plan and it’s a doozy. They continue to offer a free service but the forums, tweets and blogs seem to think they are gouging.

You know what? I want a combination of these two services. Give me a way to sell my music in many formats. Give me a great audio player with comments along the timeline and a waveform view. I want a dropbox. I want widgets. It should be free with ads or $25 a year advert free. They can have a few percent of my music sales too. I’d like to be able embed all my music on my own site as a mini store and have complete control over the CSS.


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9 thoughts on “Bandcamp and SoundCloud screencasts.”

  1. I think these sites have fundamentally different approaches (did I just say that? I think I been watching to many political debates!) Soundcloud seems strong in the social/viral space, BandCamp looks good for marketing/selling.
    I will use both.

  2. agree with voxish, these two sites are very different. soundcloud is much more of a platform, bandcamp is just another band-hosting site

  3. just wanted to report back that i tried out bandcamp, and it has a really strange bug in it that got me annoyed pretty quick. i uploaded an EP, but the process to do that was a little confusing because it somehow “lost” one of the songs in the EP.

    considering these were full wave file uploads(it requires that format so it can downgrade to other formats), i think i’ll wait a few more months before spending more time on there.

    oh the joys of living on the bleeding edge

  4. I thought SoundCloud is meant to be aimed at the Industry, rather than being a consumer app? Send/store your demos, promote your new releases to other industry people? That sort of thing.

    Or is that just a line for them to stop the RIAA bugging them?

  5. As much as i do like and think that it truly changed music marketing, their biggest downside is, they don’t recommend music, thus generating less incentive to me as a fan to visit them on a daily basis.
    There are bunch of great music recommendation sites that combines the simplicity of bandcamp with the ability to discover new music, for example or
    that said they are having a real progess all the time, and that is very encouraging for us users

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