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Berlin is the undisputed center of electronic music. A few times a month friends and blog readers come to visit. I’ve decided to make a Google Map with the locations of many of the great record stores, labels, synthesizer manufacturers, audio software companies and nightclubs you can check out upon arrival.

Ableton, Tresor, Hard Wax, Native Intruments, Schneider’s Buero, Neumann, MFB, Gigolo Records, Berghain, JoMoX, Sugar Bytes, BPitch Control, SoundCloud… what more do you want?

If you do come to visit don’t forget you will be in a gorgeous city full of historic places and green parks. Don’t spend all your time dancing. See it all!

Remember Google Maps is feature rich. You can get point to point directions, zoom way in, see satellite views and create your own map of places in Berlin you want to see (click a pin and select “save to my map”).

To view the map full screen and also see the complete list of great places: click here

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13 thoughts on “Electronic Music Berlin – A Wire to the Ear map.”

  1. are you completly sure about watergate. it´s supposed to be by the river :) any tips on getting in there by the way. tried two times with no luck

  2. hiya – ive just returned this evening and it was a great place – I didnt really get to go to any techno nights or anything as i was with ‘normal’ people eheh and they wouldnt have been into it – but what I did see of Berlin through taxi windows looked amazing. I tried to go to Doepfer. I found it on Google Maps (yes I should have checked this blog while I was over there (*^_^*) ) and decided even though it definitely wasnt open I would attempt to locate it yesterday to go there this morning before my flight left – i went to the tower its in and I just couldnt see it – I think its one of those places you go in and ask at reception and its on a different floor – I walked the whole way around Alexanderplatz7 but couldnt see it. I looked for JoMoX also but thought it was a bit far away, being just above that airfield, so in the end I went to Just Music on Danzigerstrasse this morning (the one in the building the popkomm centre is in), (my hostel was just south west of it (apparently near Rammstéin’s bar or sumthin ?)
    bought myself and mBase01 and I love it – triggering from 707 atm :).

    Yeh Berlin seemed very very nice and I intend to return someday and give it a more cultural visit. It really was an awesome place, full of nice architecture, parks and it also just felt very ‘safe’, certainly a lot safer than what Dublin has become these days…

  3. oh yeh I just realised that Just Music is the same place as ‘Sound & Drumland’ that you talked about in an earlier post – it was very cool, and the Jupiter 8 looked amazing – I was just so impressed to be able to see all that stuff that I only ever see on the internet actually on display or in shelves behind the counter, mBase01’s M and T Resonators, Waldorf Blofelds, Moog Voyagers, they even still had Electribe SX’s for sale. Its a pity I was only able to be there for literally 5 minutes as I had to catch my flight. The building/area that the shop is in is cool – all redbrick stuff and old fashioned industrial steel spiral staircased. I was in that place called ‘HOF’ the night I went out – the layout and factory building was amazing, but the music wasnt exactly what I expected, with fire breathing steel animals atop the bar, I thought it was gonna be more EBM, industrial or goth than Mambo No. 5 and the like :p

  4. Wow this would have been really useful when i was out there a few weeks ago! I was asking people in my sketchy German if they knew where any synthesiser shops were :) I can tick off Hard Wax and Maria am Ostbahnhof where i saw Dopplereffekt and co. though!


  5. Isn’t Maria am Ostbahnhof just below Berghain where the bridge is on Stralauer Pl.?
    Anyone thinking of going to Berlin and looking for a nice/cheep place, check out the Sunflower Hostel in Friedrichshain.

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