Sound like you have an old sampler with Decimort.

Vintage color is the special sauce audio producers crave when producing. We want the sound of Mic pres from the 70s, spring reverbs and even that classic sampler sound. Decimort is a new plug-in from the ever impressive Polish software freaks D16. There are a host of bit crushers on the market but Decimort specializes in recreating the effect of old EMU Emulators and Ensoniq samplers.

“Electronic music producers (especially in Hip-Hop) have always been aware that classic samplers (such as early Akai and EMU units) had a character and sound of their own. They added a “grit” and “colour” to the samples and loops they played back which made them sound “Fat” and sit well in a mix. This sound colouration was due to the encoding techniques, lower sample rates, lower bit rate and conversion circuits which these early samplers used. Decimort recreates this colouration and adds the vintage sampler magic to any loop, bass line or sound played through it. It also acts as the perfect bit crusher with filter.” –

You can hear some very good Decimort samples in the context of full songs on the D16 site: click here However, below I recorded and posted some straight forward clips. Each clip starts with the dry sound then I click on Decimort:

A choir sequence from the basic Reason soundbank. I chose the choir samples because you could find very similar samples in The Fairlight CMI:

A computerized vocal which I think shows off Decimort quiet nicely:

A simple Roland TR-808 loop through some Decimort presets:

One thing I really like about Decimort is that is has a wet/dry knob, something I wish all plug-ins had! Also, automating the Frequency in Decimort sounds very potent. Overall it’s a nice plug-in that I could see using many instances of. I like to try using filters and bit-crusher before I’ll grab an eq.

Decimort is Mac/PC AU/Vst for 35€. Demo available: click here

photo credit: Johnrpenner


  1. yeh I definitely have to get me that plugin, I use jb_timemachine (and ferox) a lot, especially on breakbeats to make em crunchier, but Ill defintely get this also


  2. You might want to try this as well:


  3. +1 for Ferox, but Decimort looks great too.


  4. yee sonitex it’s da bomb…


  5. Oliver,

    I see that this has a few more parameters than Ableton’s native Bit Crusher plug-in.

    However, have you A/B’d the two plugs to compare whether there is really that much more sonically different between the freebie Ableton vs. the D16 one?


  6. Hi Benny. I didn’t do a comparison but it’s a good idea. If my mind lets me remember when I am at the studio I will load all my bit crushers up and compare.


  7. Are you familiar with Morgana? It’s a clever instrument with a clever name.

    I’ve never used it, but the clips I’ve head sound promising, and one of the 112 guys is passionate and smart about synths and samplers.


  8. this is interesting…i’ve been using the bit reduction in Ableton but now i want to do some A/B tests with my akai s900, s1000, and two 12bit roland samplers i own.


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