James Bernard starts a blog at Propellerheads.

If you remember not too long ago I mentioned I was recently endorsed by Propellerhead Software. An old friend of mine James Bernard who is a Product Specialist at the company helped set me up. Last week he started his own blog on the Propellerhead website. I think this is a great idea as the blog format is my favorite way to get info these days and James has a huge amount of pro-audio knowledge to share.

“Welcome to my first entry to my new blog page on the Propellerhead Website! I plan on using this page to share any tips or tricks I have picked up, insight on some of my travels around the world doing Producers Conference events and also share some useful files or links I might come across. Please let me know what you think of it and feel free to request any specific tips/tricks you would like to see.” – James Bernard, www.propellerheads.se

His first posts are great. He kicks it off by showing us his own project studio which includes a FM3 Buddha Machine, modified Roland TR-606, Auralex Treatment and of course Reason. Next, he creates a few songs using one sound. Yes. One single sound. In fact he uses just one single TR-909 kick drum. We all joke and think about doing things like this but James tackles the task and lives to tell about it.

There is more than just show and tell on his new blog which I believe is titled “.plan”.  You get free goodies such as Refills and Regroove Templates.

Check out James’s new blog: click here

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4 thoughts on “James Bernard starts a blog at Propellerheads.”

  1. cool they had one of those buddha machine things for sale in Tower once – are they those drone making things that Sunn O))) did an album with?

    i like the proper geefek reference with the .plan – I remeber checking John Carmack’s one religiously back in the day

  2. Im not crazy about Reason anymore, but I give much respect to Peff. If it werent for him hacking the shit out of Rebirth 1 Props wouldve never got the idea for Reason.

  3. Man, blast from the past. I used to use Reason all the time when I first started producing. James Bernard has some solid releases behind him, and it’s nice to see him sharing some of the knowledge that he has built up over that time.

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