Come on America do the right thing!

I wholehearted believe politics should stay the hell off tech blogs. Tech is nice because it gives us a break from the real world of doom and gloom. In tech everything is heading brightly to the future. As far as this blog Wire to the Ear is concerned we are all about music tech but it’s been hard for me to keep my mouth shut when it comes to this next U.S. election. Imagine writing a post everyday and not even saying anything?

I figure since the above video is in musical form it will be acceptable content here. To go along with the video I will break my usual silence when it comes to politics and tell you how I feel. It’s really simple: The thought of McCain/Palin in the White House makes me vomit in my mouth. I know I certainly can’t change anyone’s vote but if your an American (as I am) hear my plea: Do the right thing this time! Please!

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7 thoughts on “Come on America do the right thing!”

  1. I know i can speak for pretty much every Irish person that I know when I say that the thought of those two in power in what is still pretty much the most powerful nation in our part of the world makes us pretty nauseous too.

  2. To Rex Rhino…. Are you serious? Have you been to both of their websites? Have you researched both of their energy plans and stances on Iraq? Do you believe in creationism like Sarah Palin? I think you need to do your homework.

  3. Differences on Iraq:
    McCain – Stay the course in Iraq, and prepare to bomb Iran
    Obama – Move some of the troops from Iraq to Afghanistan, and prepare to bomb Iran.

    Differences on Energy:
    McCain – Token amounts of offshore drilling that won’t really make a difference.
    Obama – Token amounts of “alternative energy” that won’t really make a difference.

    McCain: Doesn’t like ‘the geys’.
    Obama: Dislikes like ‘the geys’ slightly less than McCain.

    McCain: Lets bankrupt America!
    Obama: Lets bankrupt America!

    Don’t get me wrong, Obama is marginally better than McCain… But the lesser of two evils is still evil. Obama is just another amoral power hungry maniac from the corrupt Chicago political machine. The fact that Obama is a slightly (and VERY slightly) better choice just proves that we have no choice at all.

    I hope Obama wins, but by a razor thin margin so he can’t pretend that he got elected for any other reason than people hate McCain more.

  4. You have some of the facts correct but their budget plans and tax plans still differ quite a bit. At least your voting for Obama though so that’s a relief! I’d hate to think you are a McCain loving elitist clinging to your guns and religion! Truce my friend :) I don’t necessarily trust any politician either but my opinion is that Obama has had less time to be corrupted!

  5. Both of them are unbelievably awful. They both want total control over all aspects of an individual’s life and truly believe there is no limit to government power. The only difference between the two is that each wishes to begin their path to complete power from different places.

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