Put your music video everywhere with Tubemogul.

We all know that having a few music videos per album is great promotion. With inexpensive tools like iMovie and a Flip video camera there is no excuse for not producing them. Once your video is all finished you uploaded it to YouTube and MySpace and your done. But wait what about that gorgeous video site Vimeo? Or that site let lets viewers comment along the playback timeline… Viddler? You know having your video in Blip.tv is also cool because they offer an embeddable show player. Hmm it’s going to be a long day uploading the same video to all these sites. But alas there is a better way: Tubemogul.

Tubemogul is an incredible free service to which you upload your video to one time and they distribute it to over 20 sites. That distribution service alone is truly a gift from the time saving gods however they give you more goodies. Once your video or videos are uploaded and delivered around the web universe and a few days go by log back into your Tubemogul account and viola you can see Analytics. Analytics is the fancy word for “Who is watching, how many are watching and where are they watching.”. The data is presented to you with nice interactive charts and graphs.

You may end up surprised that YouTube is not getting you the most views. Remember your video on YouTube is lost in a huge ocean of content. Earlier this year I discovered videos from a music blogger named Vergel Evans in his studio via Viddler. I got to his video because I searched “drum machine” and because Viddler is low on content like music tech his LX7.ca videos show popped up.

Don’t worry if you already have your videos on a few sites already because you can still upload them to Tubemogul and deselect “distribute” to those you already have covered.

Be sure to check out Tubemogul’s video channel on YouTube which is full of usefull tutorial videos: click here

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  1. I wanted to chime in with another piece of good news for those who have videos… I’ve been a fan of Tunecore since day one for getting music on iTunes etc. Tunecore also has a service for getting videos into the iTunes store. So those with a bit of cash to spend on a more “formal” video… you might want to give them a try. I gleaned this from their site (http://www.tunecore.com/):

    TuneCore Video Prices

    Here are all the fees you’ll ever encounter at TuneCore Video:

    * Digital delivery of a music video to iTunes (all territories included) for more by length:
    o 0 to 5:00 minutes: $85
    o 5:01 to 10:00 minutes: $175
    o 10:01 to 20:00 minutes: $250
    o 20:01 to 30:00 minutes: $350
    o 30:01 to 40:00 minutes: $475 (if your music video is longer, please contact support)
    * Annual maintenance and storage fee, per video: $19.98
    * Resubmitting a music video: $50
    * Requesting a music video be taken down from iTunes within the first six months: $20

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