Ableton Live stars in the new movie Berlin Calling.

Ableton just posted this interview with Paul Kalkbrenner the DJ and main actor in the soon to be released movie Berlin Calling.

“How many music software products can claim to be filmstars? As far as we know, only one: Ableton Live. A new film, “Berlin Calling”, not only features some outrageously prominent onscreen footage but also stars renowned DJ and long-time Live user Paul Kalkbrenner in the leading role. A big thank you to Paul and the film’s director, Hannes Stöhr, for giving us such wonderful publicity.

The plot goes something like this: Berlin electronic music composer Martin (Paul Kalkbrenner), known as DJ Ickarus, is touring with his manager and girlfriend Mathilde (Rita Lengyel) from club to club around the globe and is about to release his biggest album to date. All of his plans are thrown out of kilter, however, after Ickarus is submitted to a psychiatric clinic high on drugs after a gig.

Go and see the film to discover what happens next (hint: witness the therapeutic powers of Ableton Live!) “Berlin Calling” opens in Germany on October 2 and is expected to be released internationally soon afterwards.”

This is pretty stange and makes me a nervous for some reason. Maybe it just hits too close to home! I am happy to see Ableton get as much press as possible because every musician should be using their software. Let’s hope this movie doesn’t get the same reviews as every other electronic music film has.

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  1. I saw the premiere of this movie at the C/O Pop Festival in Cologne earlier this year. It was supposed to be subtitled but they inadvertently showed the vanilla German version to a 70% English-speaking audience!

    Despite that it was really, really enjoyable. It was great seeing an electronic music producer in the silly “tortured artist” role usually reserved for writers and rock stars, and the whole movie zips unfettered by its slightly cliched plot and rather heavy borrowing from classic cinema.

    The music’s great as well. And there’s a sex scene in a toilet – always delightful.


  2. Thanks for the review. It sounds promising. Does anyone know where it’s going to be playing in Berlin (English subtitles please)?


  3. I really want to see this film now. I hadnt heard about it till now, but after watching that clip I want to see it =)


  4. From the parts shown in the interview it looks pretty cheesy to me…


  5. saw it in toronto with paul and the director. i thought it was great although i was told the english subtitles were poorly translated by my german friends. paul is an insanely talented actor for someone with no prior experience. he did a great job. and he wrote the score/music as well! highly recommended… it’s like ‘one flew over the cuckoo’s nest’ meets ‘it’s all gone pete tong.’


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