A look at Daptone Records Studio in Bushwick.

Here’s a great video visit to Daptone Records studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Co-founders Neal Sugarman and Gabriel Roth show you around their music making fun house. If you ever wished you could find new soul records produced the way they used to be this is the place to check.

Everything at Daptone is analog except their one single digital piece: a CD player! Incredibly they even edit without computers using good old fashion razor blades and tape. I really like how they floated a floor for a sound proof room using tires and used clothes.

Visit Daptone Records: click here


  1. That place seems like a ton of fun. There was a good piece on the Daptone studio in Sound on Sound a few issues back, too! Their drum sound: a 55 in front of the kit. Unreal!


  2. Very cool video, wish i had a studio like that.


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