Is it real or is it Memorex?

I like the wood case this guy built for his Minimax ASB. Although he does a convincing job of making you believe the old and new synths sound the same I’d still need to hear the uncompressed ala YouTube sound to make a judgment. Nothing beats the real thing right? In the end it’s the song that matters, the notes you play and the story you tell. Still this is a fun comparison!

“This is a direct comparison between my Minimoog (1976) and a Creamware Minimax ASB, trying to use the same settings on both instruments and playing them together or one at a time.” – zioguido

A review of the Minimax ASB in Sound on Sound magazine: click here
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Do you own any Moogs?

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4 thoughts on “Is it real or is it Memorex?”

  1. I really like this video! I especially like the fact that the two keyboards are a little out of tune from one another– it somehow makes the comparison seem more real (as in, they both seem “analog” because of it) to me.

    I own a couple of “lesser” Moogs– a Rogue and an Opus 3 (which, because it wasn’t designed by Moog himself, may or may not be a Moog proper in your opinion). Every month, I think about selling the Opus 3 and every month I find a new space for it to fill in a song. I’ll say this– the Strings section takes very well to a Comptortion pedal. Try it, you’ll agree.

    That said, I don’t think I could ever get rid of the Rogue. It’s got its limitations, sure, but it was my first synthesizer and is what I think of when I think of a Moog. Everything else is just “more than a Rogue” or “less than a Rogue.”

  2. I think you can really hear the difference with the filter sweeps. For my personal taste, there’s just no beating the older moog. It’s easy to hear even with the lousy YouTube audio. The 76 mini just sounds more musical while the ASB sounds tighter. It’s like hearing the difference between hardware eqs, some are more precise while others are sweeter. I think the ASB sounds great, I just can really hear the difference during the filter stuff at the end. And is it just me or is there some weird zipper noise near the bottom of the ASB filter?

  3. Everyone must be deaf.. I can hear aliasing all over the place on the asb plus the filter sweep is nowhere near as good. The real thing is simply more euphonic. It’s like the difference between an original oil painting and a skilled forgery. Duplicated but not replicated.

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