Video from a Pittsburgh Rave in 1995.

Here’s some video from a Rave called Tunnelvision which happened sometime in 1995. As you can see the event takes place in a public tunnel and lasts until 7:00am which causes the locals to complain. However, surprisingly the promoters secured all the proper permits so the event was not shut down. Between scenes of people dancing (which are hilarious) you get a glimpse of the local news coverage of the event.

I started playing events like this in 1992. I would bring a Roland TR-909, 2 TB-303s, SBX-80 Sync Box, a small Boss 8 channel mixer which when pushed distorted in a delightfully frighting way and a Shure SM-58 microphone to yell at people with. Sometimes I would let people come on stage and twist the knobs on one of the 303s.

This video is fun to watch but the events in New York were far more crazy.


  1. Positive vibrations from the past !!!
    Oliver, do you know what is the track around 29:10 ? Had it a a mix tape but never find out what is was.



  2. Sounds like one of the million versions or rip offs of Joey Beltram’s Energy Flash: click here


    1. Dont’t think so, there’s Betrams song at 41:45 but not the song I’m talking about @ 29:10 that I REALLY need to get !


  3. There is a vid floating around of a party at a Brooklyn warehouse from 1996. The Sun is up and you can see the Twin Towers in the background. Everybody was still dancing there ass off even in the morning.


  4. Oh I’d like to see that one.. hmm…


  5. vid from, that the red diy303 guy interviewed on this site??


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