Musician get together photo with a twist.

Look closely here and let’s pick out the synths. I see a Korg Monopoly, Roland V-Synth, Dave Smith Instrument’s Prophet 08 and a Nord Rack. What’s the big white one on the left? A Yamaha workstation? Also there could be a TR-606? What’s the keyboard front, center on the floor? A Yamaha CS? What’s the instrument to the left of it? Oh…

Do you keep one of THOSE in your studio?

If you liked that one here’s another. I didn’t post it here because it’s cruel (it is hilarious though): click here

via wherearethedogshumping

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7 Responses to “Musician get together photo with a twist.”

  1. Guillaume says:

    i’m not surprised since i never get myself into the studio without my M41A pulse rifle. Just in case of Gummy bears attacks or something.


  2. j. says:

    I’m pretty sure the silver yamaha is an ex 5…

  3. nahtass says:

    I agree with the Yamaha call. Never played Yamaha much (or sold them) so I don’t know them spot on. It looks like their ergonomics however.

    As for the gun:


  4. inteliko says:

    He uses it to trigger clips in ableton.

  5. jason_md2020 says:

    Well…There’s one instrument that they can’t emulate in a VST version yet…

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