Musician get together photo with a twist.

Look closely here and let’s pick out the synths. I see a Korg Monopoly, Roland V-Synth, Dave Smith Instrument’s Prophet 08 and a Nord Rack. What’s the big white one on the left? A Yamaha workstation? Also there could be a TR-606? What’s the keyboard front, center on the floor? A Yamaha CS? What’s the instrument to the left of it? Oh…

Do you keep one of THOSE in your studio?

If you liked that one here’s another. I didn’t post it here because it’s cruel (it is hilarious though): click here

via wherearethedogshumping


  1. i’m not surprised since i never get myself into the studio without my M41A pulse rifle. Just in case of Gummy bears attacks or something.



  2. I’m pretty sure the silver yamaha is an ex 5…


  3. I agree with the Yamaha call. Never played Yamaha much (or sold them) so I don’t know them spot on. It looks like their ergonomics however.

    As for the gun:



  4. He uses it to trigger clips in ableton.


  5. Well…There’s one instrument that they can’t emulate in a VST version yet…


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