Gummi Bears Make Music.

What’s my secret to making music? I let my Gummi Bear friends do it for me! Normally they are camera shy but today they let me take photos of them recording a song. There are 10 photos and captions in total so be sure to click “Continue…” to see them all!

Red and his twin brother (also named Red) team up to add more noise into the signal chain of an Electrocomp-101 vintage analog synthesizer.

Green helps Orange change the Control Mode to Envelope 1 on an Electrocomp-101 synthesizer.
Green helps Orange change the Control Mode to Envelope 1 on an Electrocomp-101 synthesizer.

Green and Red need some inspiration before they go back to making music so they lie down for a bit on a Roland SH3 synthesizer keyboard and stare at the studio’s acoustic cloud.

Yellow and Red team up and jam on a Vermona DRM1 MKIII drum machine. Yellow changes the resonance on the snare while Red messes with the highpass filter on the lazer zap.

Orange and Green never used a Korg MS20 Legacy controller before so they sit and watch as Red helps Clear sweep the Frequency knob.

Red supervises as Green and Yellow make changes on a Voice of Saturn analog sequencer. Red can be a bit bossy at times.

Using a computer and Ableton Live is a real challenge for Gummi Bears. Red and Yellow have to stand blind behind the Mighty Mouse and wait for Green to direct them.

The song is coming along nicely and Green and Yellow scale the Ultimate Support Systems A-Frame and then go high on top of the Yamaha CS5 synthesizer. Green tells Yellow something she already knows. He loves her.

The band has a serious problem. They want to kick Clear out because he doesn’t add any color to the sound. They meet to discuss what do to on top of a Yamaha NS10M speaker.

Clear knows what is about to happen. He is contemplating diving off the speaker onto the M-Audio Oxygen 8 midi controller. If he hits one of the keys he could bounce and live. If not…

I hope you enjoyed this story. What’s your studio snack?

You can also view this set on flickr: click here

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23 thoughts on “Gummi Bears Make Music.”

  1. Put some gummy bears in a glass of water for a few days to change them into giant gummy bears ! Then put them in a inkea style aquarium to henhance your studio… definitely better than a red fish.

  2. best post ever! Story AND gear AND gummi bears? Some of my favorite things all in one post. I once went through an entire 5 pound bag over the course of a week once. Glad to know there’s other folks out there as obsessed as me:)

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