Who needs a Blofeld? Grab a K1m on eBay.

This week saw the release of the new Waldorf Blofeld keyboard synthesizer. I was thinking about posting the info here but since all the other music tech blogs have it up I thought why bother. I do like that it has sample playback and a nice German white/steel design but something in my mind whispered “booooring!”. I know the synth is well capable in the hands of a good songwriter but I want something in my studio that’s a bit more unique.

This morning I did my usual coffee and troll through the mighty Matrixsynth blog and saw the photo above. The Kawai K1M is a 16 voice digital sound module from 1988. I pretty much like any record released that year so this thing has to sound good. Of course this is completly subjective but I bet if you made a song using only K1M sounds it would very interesting.

I have a Yamaha TX81Z hooked up in my studio and even though I have several FM soft synths when I use the real thing people pick out the sounds it made and ask about them. So even if you have the software Wavestation or FM8 you will get a different color by recording something like the K1M into your DAW.

There is always a risk when buying used gear but if it works out you’ll never have to pay for a software update. The best thing? It’s got a $75 USD Buy it Now price! Check out the auction: click here

Check out some user reviews of the K1M at Harmony-Central: click here

via Matrixsynth

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10 thoughts on “Who needs a Blofeld? Grab a K1m on eBay.”

  1. I was lucky enough to spend some time with a Kawai K1 at our local youth centre when I was young. It was a long time ago, but I remember that it sounded great and was fairly intuitive to noodle with. $75 is a bargain !

  2. I recently picked up a Kawai K3m+2 carts at a guitar center for $25. Probably the best 25 bucks I’ve spent in a while. Love some of the sounds I can get out of it.

  3. k1 sucks. The only sunth I own that I’d consider selling (I have tons of crap). It’s way too noisy and not many good samples on it, except for the strings. It’s just a crappy little rompler. :(

  4. You want a K1r really. Identical machine but rackmount. I just gave the I owned since 1988 away! I can’t remember what the vector stick does on the k1m though.. possibly fades between the four samples. I worked in a music shop when these beasties were current and don’t remember the “m” version being any better than the “r” so the vector stick is probably a fairly minor addition.

    Some really nice sounds, including a preset called “Arrangement” used on one of them early LFO tunes. I made a few nice (i.e. pleasantly shit) kicks, snares. It’s also very good for pads. Range of sounds it can produce is very limited though. I could spot one a mile off. I loved mine for many years but, ultimately, I just sampled all the sounds in it and gave it away :)

  5. And not like many ppl will care; the Blofeld is going back to the store today. I think I’m going to give the Virus TI Snow a rent. The MicrowaveXT has been spared this round.

  6. Hi.

    I was wondering how did you patch your TX81Z to your Mac-based DAW? I grabbed one of eBay and I’m about to see and control it, but I’m still trying to figure out how to route the sounds to the DAW for recording? Any tips would be extremely helpful.

    P.S. Great studio set-up. The vintage synths look really cool and I bet they produce some killer sounds.

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