Adobe Soundbooth CS4 has Speech Transcription.

Adobe has released a beta for it’s upcoming version of Soundbooth that will be part of CS4. It has a very cool new feature called Speech Transcription. You record some vocals and Soundbooth then generates text for the words. If you then search a word it will show you along your waveform where it was spoken. Unfortunately, Christopher Breen over at Macworld says that the transcription is far from perfect. However, I still think this is an amazing feature and I hope Adobe can perfect the results.

“You have the option to choose High (slower) or Medium (faster) transcription, and if you have multiple people speaking, the program will attempt to identify each speaker. This isn’t a speedy process. Transcribing a file at the Medium setting works in just about real time—if you have 15 minutes of audio to transcribe, it takes about that long to create the transcript.” –

I feel like our move to an all digital world is entering a “next level” where data detection is incredibly useful. Recent new products such as Melodyne’s Direct Note Access, Google Piccasa’s Face Recognition, Evernote and hardware like the Eye-Fi (auto geo-tagging) card all come to mind. has some free videos showing off some of the new features in Soundbooth CS4: click here

To for more info and to try the beta head to:

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2 thoughts on “Adobe Soundbooth CS4 has Speech Transcription.”

  1. dude so weird, i was just thinking about this today! i was thinking about how when i was younger there was some quite accurate speech transcription software on the market, something to do with the word “dragon”.

    i was thinking about how there should be an immense demand for this in the podcasting world to make your episodes searchable on google. great to see adobe is on it, but too bad they say it’s far from perfect. i’m sure some other programs out there are really good though.

  2. The software he was speaking of is Dragon Natural Speaking by Nuance, Which I’ve never really cared much for it to begin with , Soundbooth CS4 is very nice

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