My Implant and Satronica remixes are finished.

I am finally free of all obligations other than to finish my next album. It’s a good feeling especially because these last two remixes had me pulling my hair out. Satronica’s remix for a song called Shout will end up on Lenny Dee’s Industrial Strength Records. Originally he sent me a song called Revenge Plan but after remixing it twice and still not being happy with the end result I told him to send me something different. This brings up a point: Trash the stuff that you do that’s not great! There is a mountain of average crap out there. I spent a week remixing Revenge Plan and I put those files in my trash and emptied it twice! If I don’t love the remix I’m not going to torture the rest of you with it.

For the song “Shout” Matt (Satronica) only sent me vocals. The biggest nicety in this remix is the automated TC Powercore Chorus/Delay plug-in on his voice. As you can see in the faded orange circle above I spent a good amount of time tweaking the envelope breakpoints to catch certain syllables he was screaming and have them shoot off motion wise in different ways. When the Chorus is tight is has a modern Hip Hop vocal sound. I also like what I was able to to at the breaks using Effectix. Using only the Loop parameter I was able to make it seem like the song is slowing down and breaking up. What else? Ah yes, I like the 80s tom fills but those are standard in almost any song I do these days. Take a listen:

I decided to have my Italian pianist friend Gabri help me with my remix for Belgian band Implant. Their song “We Are Noise” was a simple but effective electro verse chorus type of diddy. I wanted to make it a bit darker so Gabri took their somewhat simple melodies and expanded them using several tracks and different synths. Gabri always picked his favorite VST ReFX Vanguard (Gabri is also a trance producer :)).

After Gabri left Berlin I spent a good amount of time taking each new synth line and dumping tons of effects on them. With today’s CPU power I like to add one 4-5 things to each channel and just let me ears pick out the tasty colors. For example I added Izotope’s Trash and Fabfilter’s Volcano 2 to several of the synth lines. A great thing about Volcano is it’s ability to generate internal feedback. You can hear it rolling along semi-randomly in several sections. The drums are from my new and beloved Vermona DRM-1 MKIII. Lastly, I used Simpler quite a bit on the some vocal parts automating the start and loop times. Take a listen:

Thanks as always for taking a listen. I wish I could put the full songs up here but I don’t have the rights. Now it’s time for my own tunes!

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16 thoughts on “My Implant and Satronica remixes are finished.”

  1. Well, i bet the trash you throw away still is better then most ‘trash’ that gets released haha

    judging by these samples, im looking forward to the new album (well i would look forward to it even without the samples lol)

  2. Very cool automatization in first track, respect man. Chorus/delay line realy catchy.

    As about second track, voice in the beginning sound like voice in AIR Crack Team releases :)

  3. Both the remix are great.
    I love We are noise,especially because the melodies are sophisticated and sounds really cool all togheter,like a sort of electronic symphony
    Sounds are very nice too and production is great.
    Are you a classical trained musician somehow?

    Looking forward to your new album too! Nice blog,man.

    1. Thanks… A good friend of mine Gabri helped with the melodies and some of the production and yeah he’s classically trained but also one of those prodigy talented kids. Having someone like that in the studio always makes for a better song!

  4. Cool,thanks.
    I hope the number of artists like you and your friend could increase in electronic music scene,including EBM.In my opinion there are too many poor talented people which have opportunity to record their music with labels and i think it’s a negative thing for music itself,since it does not improve at all.
    I tell you this because i had some classical music training too when kid,nevertheless i’m not able to compose or produce at all.But i can recognize easly good musicians like you and your friend.
    And i can tell you people really give something to the Music.

    I discovered Attack Decay recently and i love it either,even if the style is different from this remix you made.I think tracks such The World will know us,Pain and Pleasure or 13 Dobermans are really great.

  5. Oh,so glad to see people appreciate this song.I love it too.

    Thank you Oliver,you’re always the best.

    Jester,thank you very much for the nice words.
    I like the way you called that song.Sort of electronic simphony.
    But the truth is Oliver made most of the work in that remix and if it sounds so good,is mostly because of him.I’m glad i can contribuite a little on it.

    I agree with your words about electronic music buisness or music buisness in general.
    I met many well trained people on this buisness,but in case of Oliver he got something people cannot get with school: the true talent and the respect for the music.

    And he got even more:it’s the only person i never met in this buisness i can consider a true,good friend.In fact one of my best friend.
    Times he helped me,giving me ispiration and prove to be a real friend are countless.

    And i really mean all what i wrote.

  6. G. the problem is inside music buisness there’s people which isn’t enough trained,neither have even a clue of talent.But somehow they are very successfull.
    This is why i’m very happy to see people like you guys have still something to say.

    What did you wrote also show me in music buisness there is still some space for stuff like friendship and reciprocal respect.And there is still someone which does not see people just like “money machines”.

  7. Oliver honestly: you don’t need any piano lesson,trust me.
    Music is inside you,not in your hands.

    And you have a lot more music to express than other people i know.

  8. G. you wrote a great truth.
    Lessons cannot really improve your talent…Otherwise,in many case they don’t allow it to express at fully potential.
    Since when you receive a classical or academic musical education,this someway prevent many people to let their talent free to express.

    It’s really rare for me to see classical trained people for example,which can handle other music styles without any problem.

  9. Sorry for the up.Is the We are Noize rmx sold somewhere in the stores or in online ones such Beatport or Juno?
    I’d like to buy it and same for many friends of mine,but i cannot find it anywhere.

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