Ikea hacker. Build a nice headphone stand.

I was watching this weeks episode of Tekzilla and their “website of the week” is Ikea Hacker. I admit I am a bit of an Ikea junkie and i’ve been to the Ikea Hacker site before. Today I clicked over today to see what crazy things people are creating and I came across Wiretap’s (a user name) headphone stand.

I just built a headphone stand out of miscellaneous Ikea parts.. lol. It’s so solid you could probably kill someone with it. Everything is that stainless steel stuff. It all cost me about $15 to $20 max to build. (some of the stuff I found in the ‘returned items and clearance’ section). – hardforum.com

I use something similar to K&M’s 18957 headphone holder which is basically just a hook. However, the one I have clips onto my mic stand.

Does anyone know if wireless headphones lived up to their expectations? It would be nice to get rid of the headphone wire in particular. Remember that in any place your going to be sitting for eight hours ergonomics is important. A $5 hook can save you from a little pain.

For more photos and info on how to build of Wiretap’s Ikea headphone stand head to Ikea Hacker:
click here

Wiretap’s original post on hardforum.com: click here

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8 thoughts on “Ikea hacker. Build a nice headphone stand.”

  1. I got a thing from ebay for £5 that screws onto a rack – its just a hanger – same idea as the thing you have on yur mic stand, but it screws onto my rack

    as for wteless headphones – ive never tried them, but i was thinkin about it yesterday after i faceplanted from tripping over the cable!

  2. i have really expensive top of the line sennheiser HDR 85 wireless headphones and they are totally useless for pro audio. tons of colouration on the bottom end, completely screws up the EQ. plus the reception is ho-hum at best. i never use them – complete waste of money and they were supposed to be one of the best at the time. hope this is helpful…

  3. Hi Oliver, miller bought the wrong set of ‘high end’ sennheiser wireless headphones. The HDR 85 is indeed a bunch of crap and it costs a bomb. In fact, i think its sucks so much sennheiser removed that headphones from their website.

    Check out the sennheiser RS120 line of headphones costing just 70USD on http://www.amazon.com. Its the topseller in the wireless headphones category. Lots of reviews out there for this headphones, including over 500 user reviews on amazon. Excellent battery life, great sound quality and amazing reception. I have one myself and am very satisfied. Wave those wires goodbye!

  4. Great idea.
    What Ikea desk are you using and what size?
    Also, where did you get those rack cases, I’m looking for the same size? 4U?

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