Flickr fun with audio gear Groups and slideshows.

Do you remember my post titled, “Why every musician should have a flickr pro account.“? If not, go read it and get back over here. Today’s post is about two things. First, flickr now has a great new way to embed slideshows like the one you see above. Second, a reminder that flickr groups are a great place to go to get your gearlust on!

You could always embed slideshows from flickr using flickrslidr. But the new embeddable slideshows direct from flickr itself are very nice. You can customize the embed size without going into the code, decide if the titles and descriptions are displayed and videos now play inside slideshows!

One of the main improvements we’ve made is that you can watch videos as they appear in a slideshow. When we come to a video in a slideshow, we’ll play it before we move on to the next item. You can also embed a slideshow on another website in bite-sized form. Just click the “Share” link from any slideshow, then copy and paste the embed code wherever you want. –

The above slideshow is from The Audio Recording Studio group. Here are a few other music related groups I like to check out from time to time:

Gear Porn
SYNTHESIZER + SEQUENCER .de + Live Electronix
vintage electronics
Electronic Music

Flickr is a fun place and it’s also a highly usefull promotional tool. Using flickr stats I can see my own photos have been viewed 102,234 times. The most viewed photo? The Horrorist – Studio… easy, free promotion!

Have you spent anytime checking out Groups on flickr? Got any favorites?

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3 thoughts on “Flickr fun with audio gear Groups and slideshows.”

  1. Movies start playing as they come up in the slideshow.
    So as I listen to David Byrne Radio, and your pretty pictures of studios were scrolling by on a hidden Firefox tab, some movie of dudes playing jam music pops up.

    Not bug, but a bummer. Maybe it should have a separate ‘movie play’ button.

    Hey, it just happened again, Cream ripoff.

    I’ll let Flickr know.

    Besides that, great tip. I’m going to post a set for work right now!

  2. Ah good point about the autoplay! I always have headphones attached to my laptop in the office so I didn’t consider it. Maybe flickr will adjust the settings if enough people complain.

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