Universal Audio announces UAD-2.

With today’s massive computer power you don’t buy a TC Powercore or Universal Audio UAD-1 because you need a boost, you buy them because the plug-ins sound fantastic. One of the early posts on Wire to the Ear was about TC Voice Modeler which is not available in any native format and is a must have in my arsenal.

Universal Audio has posted a video teaser for the upcoming UAD-2 card. Here’s the highlights:

The UAD-1 had a 7 year life.
They will break any limitations enabling any kind of audio processor on UAD-2.
They discuss the SHARC chips.
The card is capable of 2 Gigaflops per second.
Native decoding.
Years of devolopment.
More new partners.

To view the video: click here

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5 thoughts on “Universal Audio announces UAD-2.”

  1. there’s a Moog logo on the bottom left of the page also, so it does look likely, it would be interesting to see if they also create some accelerated synth plugins (like Powercore 01) that would be really cool – I just recently got a UAD-1 (standard PCI) and I really love its sound. The Pultec plugin is amazing (Leftover Lasagne’s great (and free) VST was always one of my favourites anyway). The sounds you can get out of the CS-1 strip alone are astounding. With my €150 voucher I bought the Cambridge EQ, which im very happy with also – no matter how much I whack the frequency all over the place in the high spectrum, it barely makes any transienty/digital type noises. In short Im very happy with it and probably (just) prefer it to my Powercore.

    Hopefully the UAD-2 will still have a standard PCI version – I dont have a spare PCI-E port because my bloody gfx card’s heatsink blocks the second port (yes I know I should have a seperate audio machine, but I neither have the room or the money atm :s )

  2. That’s a Moog filter you can see, no official infos about to make synths for UAD2. Fatso will come as well and only PCI-E, no PCI, which is totally ok.

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