Ohm Force uses an iPhone to control a VSTi.

Cid from Ohm Force sent me this video. How can I not try this out during my live show?

I share with you a video we shot this morning, testing the iPhone application iTM Midilab and using it to play/control a VSTi plugin.. – Cid, www.ohmforce.com

Oh wait… what if someone calls?

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4 thoughts on “Ohm Force uses an iPhone to control a VSTi.”

  1. ITM products are really cool!!
    Be sure to check their ITM MCU, an emulation of a mackie control for the iphone, optimized for Ableton live : you can trigger clips and scenes, mute and solo etc….
    really cool
    Finally the iphone is becoming more an more , a cool musical device

  2. I had read about it, but it’s great to see how it looks like for real… and as we’re able to see, it seems to work quite fine!! Ohm Force chaps are really cool, their plugz are from out of this world and they’re just normal (geek) guys, like me and you or anyone else

    So know we’ll need to have two iPhones, one for music stuff and the other for phone tasks.. :-)

  3. Not everyone @ Ohm Farce is a geek and personnally I don’t support the use of these technogadgets (and the way they are changing our world, without any discussion).

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