Comments have been fixed.

I was wondering why it was so quiet around here the past two days. Then it hit me. Something maybe wrong with the comments since I upgraded to WordPress 2.6.1. Sure enough several things went strange. First, all the comments were turned off. When I set them to back “on” only new posts comments were on. So after reading how to run a certain command in phpMyAdmin I was able to turn all the comments past and present back on. Yet I still only heard crickets. After some examination I found that WordPress 2.6.1 also set “Users must be registered and logged in to comment” on. There’s no need to have register here. Sorry for the inconvience and confusion.


  1. Just making some noise!

    Upgrading can be a pain sometimes – even with WordPress.

    Glad you got this worked out.


  2. Hi There,

    I know you like free documentaries and posted one not too long ago about a record store going under, so when I saw this short doc I thought you’d like it. Pretty tragic.

    “The Archive”

    Next time you talk to your brother tell him I said hi. I went to college with him.




  3. Hi Synthhead. Thanks for the comment. Good to know these are working again!


  4. Hi Dow, thanks for the link. I created a post for it: link

    My brother is now living in San Francisco, married and is a Dr. in Science doing research. I will tell him you say hi. If you want his contact info send me an email.


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