Got a gig coming up? Run parallel promotion.

Brian “Botkiller” from Albuquerque, New Mexico shares his thoughts on playing live. I agree with what he says concerning doing your own share of promotion. Even if your playing an event with 10 other hot acts and you you know it will be packed you want 50 of your own superfans front and center. Remember crowds follow the lead of the people near the stage!

I talk about working with promoters and clubs and promoting your shows. – brianbotkiller

He’s also correct to mention that the person who books you is probably not the only individual who you need to deal with. Getting to know a few people who work at the venue early on could save your if anything goes wrong at 2AM.

I noticed he kicks off the video by mentioning he just bought a house. Congrats to Brian but later in the video he mentions sometimes he only gets $10 for a gig! He must be in one hard working band! Maybe he has a day job? Something about his “vlog” videos crack me up but I respect him for going for it.

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2 thoughts on “Got a gig coming up? Run parallel promotion.”

  1. Hey there,

    Thanks for linking to me! It means a lot.

    To answer your inquiry, I do play a ton of gigs, usually about 70 per year between myself and my two bands. These are not always that lucrative, but I also run tech for some synthesizer companies, Koblo and KeytoSound, and work with other tech companies doing sound design and the like. So far it’s keeping my head above water, which is awesome; my day job essentially is being a musician. I plan on talking about a lot of this in future vlogs.

    I love your page, my audio teacher from years ago put me onto it. Thank you again for your support!

  2. Hi Brian. Thanks for your comment and your continued vlogging. I enjoy them when they pop on YouTube. Live is where it’s at these days so it’s good to hear from musicians from different cross sections and their road stories and advice.

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